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YNIII. USER MANUAL. YONGNUO. D: G 1 T A 1. SPEEDUTE YNIII The YNII is equipped with large – size LCD screen, it is convenient for you to . 27 Jun Update from 7/15/Go here for the in-depth review of the YN flash Here’s now the instruction manual that came with my Yongnuo YN 16 Nov Learn about the new 2nd generation Yongnuo speedlite YNII flash labeled as “mushy” by users, the button layout on the YN series.

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If you purchase through one of these links you support the expansion of this website with even more tests and reviews. Yes, 3 minutes ki default; adjustable in manual mode, either 15 or 30 minutes, in S1, S2 modes, up to 60 minutes.

December 8, at 7: I’m not sure why this usdr, but the owner’s manual says to remove the batteries after turning the power off, that’s weird!

Length and depth measured with flash flat. Specs are for full frame sensors. Time to power save, see power save function above.

Yongnuo Speedlite YNII Manual Flash (new upgraded ‘mark II’ version) |

I bought it as a low cost alternative to the expensive Sony yongnuuo flashes that work great in full auto mode with Sony cameras, but I never use auto mode, so why pay extra when mnual don’t need those features? A special limitation on the YN II is that you have to understand the relationship between the multi mode settings and the shutter speed used on the camera body.

Wide angle diffuser and bounce card.

I might try another one in the future. Long start up time, about seconds, but advertised as only 2 seconds. Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries used.

Read on further below for a walk-through of the new features. Tends to shut down after mild use, and won’t restart unit a cooling off period. It still has only one electrical pin in the foot center the x-sync yongnuo yn 560 ii user manualthat has not changed from the precursor YN Any news if the SF Battery Yingnuo will be compatible? Finally, the worst offending issue; the flash wants to turn off for some reason after a few full power, or even half power pops, and it won’t restart again until it cools down.

Yonguo are warm when flash is on, but not being used, meaning it’s drawing power for some reason, and the batteries don’t last long. Potentially a great flash for people wanting a powerful, yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual yomgnuo flash with a lot of power levels; quality control issues though?

No claims by manufacturer. The panel has a good size and uses very large font as can be seen from the photo so it should manuaal easy to read, even from a distance.

Yongnuo YN560-III User Manual

Wide panel 18mm24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, manuaal. LCD lit up, showing some available settings. Also, there’s a screw lock PC connection for radio triggers using off-camera flash, so all you need is the proper connector to the trigger, that saves on having to buy a hotshoe adapter with a connector which I have to do with the proprietary Sony hotshoe yongnuuo made before Flash and camera are unable to exchange information on this full-manual flash, yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual exception being the trigger signal sent through the x-contact.

Wide angle diffuser type.

November 30, at Not recommended because of shut down issue. The hotshoe connection became inoperable after about a month of use, so at that point it’s basically worthless, unless you want to use it solely for the optical slave function. Proudly powered by WordPress. Unfortunately, after a couple of photography jobs, the Yongnuo had some undesirable shortcomings. They state 15 meters as maximum range outdoors, but this could be easily exceeded in the YN practical tests where up to 30 meters could be achieved.

Metal flash feet on all Yongnuo speedlites were introduced back in January of yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual, together with yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual quality control. Manhal output seems similar, or slightly more than models with guide numbers of 56 or 58! Both are always combined with manual flash mode, but mznual remote triggering of the flash at a predefined output level.

Right now, I’d steer clear usdr this flash unit unless you can live with the problems I’ve pointed out. Your email address will not be published.

Warranty coverage; if it breaks after 30 days, throw it in the trash can, or send it to China with your own money and wait six months for them to contact you and tell you it was abuse, and is not covered. Yongnuo YNII flash review.

November 24, at 2: About Contact Speedlite Test Details. You still can use the flash in yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual camera hot shoe, but everything has to be set to manual mode, both speedlite as well as the camera itself.

First off, the flash is made well, and the head adjusts to different positions without having to unlock or push a button, and they stay put too.

White bounce card built in over diffuser, pulls out. I’m not sure if the above issues are ‘normal’ or I got a bad copy.

This entry was posted in Yongnuo yn 560 ii user manualYongnuo. November 24, at 6: The flash was face-lifted in January of already, when Yongnuo added a metal flash foot as well as improved electronics and quality control. Multi mode allows firing a series of rapid flashes with a shutter release to produce a stroboscopic effect in the resulting picture.

LCD is hard to read or unreadable at an angle, like when it’s on a light stand up high.