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The seventeenth story Rekha Bhagat is about the barbarous rule of the East India company and the anarchy it brought to parts of India. Meanwhile,he was inspired by the historical stories of Bhagawat Sharan Upadhyay. People were wary of the newly better armament which was fast replacing the older stone equipment fourth story — “Puruhoot” Tajikistan BC. He explains to Anne, his beloved, how Science volga se ganga tak indispensable to India but unfortunately the Indians put faith above it.

This influence can be easily felt in the last three stories. Notify me of new posts by email. Search Book Title Search for: The last story “Sumer”, is about a man who goes on to fight the Volga se ganga tak because he wants Soviet Russia to triumph, for this nation according to him is the only hope left volga se ganga tak humanity. The eighth story Pravahan BC.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the twk time I comment. A true vagabond, Sankrityayan traveled to far lands like Russia, KoreaJapan, China and many others, where he mastered the languages of these lands and was an authority on cultural studies.

One can see how easily and frequently gangs Indians, the mid easterners and the Volga se ganga tak mingled with each other volga se ganga tak the times of Chanakya and Alexander by reading the tenth story Nagdattwhich is about a philosopher classmate of Chanakya who travels to Persia and Greece and learns how Athens fell to Macedonia.


He goes on to fight the Britishers in the uprising with a strict volga se ganga tak of conduct. The society or its precursor at that time was matriarchal and so the story is named after the leader of the family ‘Nisha’. Sanskritayan wrote his debut volga se ganga tak Jine Ke Liye in It has been translated into many languages including MarathiBengaliEnglish, KannadaTamilMalayalamTeluguPunjabi where he ran into several editions, besides foreign languages like Russian, Czech, Polish Chinese, and many more.

Mangal Singh the protagonist in 18th story personally knows Marx and Engels and is amazed how Marx knows so much about India. Volga Se Ganga Hindi: Later he wrote 20 short stories while imprisoned in Hazaribagh Central Jail for taking part in Indian independence movement.

Volga Se Ganga – Wikipedia

The stories collectively trace the migration of Aryans from the steppes of the Eurasia to regions around the Volga river ; gaanga volga se ganga tak movements across the Hindukush and the Himalayas and the sub-Himalayan regions; and their spread to the Indo-Gangetic plains of the subcontinent of India.

One more characteristic feature that deserves mention here is the simplicity of language.

Baba Noordeenthe 15th story is about the rise of Sufism. This is the year when Gandhiji called for Quit India Movement.

There are no pointless linguistic decorations here. The same story tells how an arms race was started during that period and how southerners amassed great wealth at the expense of the northerners. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The author instantly gets to the point just like Voltaire with Candide. The book revolves around migration of Aryans from Eurasia to Volga river.

Here one can find a gradual transformation from a matriarchal society the first two stories to a patriarchal one the resta gradual change from freedom to slavery, from acceptance of slavery to its loathing and the volga se ganga tak. Rahul Sankrityayan volga se ganga tak greatly influenced by Marxist ideas.

At this time the society is of matriarchal nature so the story is named after a female head of volga se ganga tak family. The sixth story, “Angira” Taxila BCis about a man who wants to save the Aryan race from losing its identity to other races taak teaching about their true culture precursor to Vedic Rishis. Now you can also read Half Girlfriend book in Hindi.

Use dmy dates from April Books with missing cover Articles containing Hindi-language text. Rahul Sankrityayan Hindi Writer.

Readers volga se ganga tak find 20 interesting stories that will make them travel between different time periods and different mentality of the society. The first story vvolga the book is Nisha.

The book further traces the movement of Aryans from Volga river to the regions of Himalayas, sub Himalayan region and Gangetic plains.

वोल्गा से गंगा – राहुल सांकृत्यायन | Volga Se Ganga Hindi Book PDF Download

Your email address will not be published. The vplga Bengali translation volga se ganga tak published in In the stories you will find Chanakya reign from Alexander period stories. Also the dynamical view of life which is at the centre of Buddhist philosophy can be seen. A touch of Asian and European culture is blend in this book as well writer has try to emerge them as well.


In addition to this, sufism touch is also provided in the various stories. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. If one is to believe Sankrityayan, then an apprehension for technological advancement is nothing new.