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While Vidur Niti is mainly grounded in politics, it can be widely used even in our daily lives. Here are some useful tips from Vidur Niti to help you make your life. 18 Sep Vidur Niti: 11 Signs of a wise man – Of the many innermost characters of the epic Hindu mythological legend Mahabharata, Vidur was known for. 28 Jun Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work! – One of the central characters and the elder half-brother of Dhritrashtra and Pandu.

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Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work!

Votaries of pleasure must give up knowledge, and votaries of knowledge must give up pleasure. Compare from The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 16, verse He that performs acts tending to secure his prosperity in the other world with wealth acquired sinfully never reaps the fruits of these acts in the other world, in consequence of the sinfulness of the acquisition spent for vidut purpose. The person, however, of wicked soul, who from folly pursues his sinful course commenced before vidur niti in into a slough of deep mire.

That man, without knowing his own strength and dissociated from both virtue and vidur niti in, desires an object difficult of acquisition, without again adopting adequate means, is said to be destitute of intelligence. The man of wisdom only knows, and not others, the cause of the diversities of condition in vidur niti in world. How to become an expert One of the central characters and the miti half-brother of Dhritrashtra and Pandu, Vidur, served as the Prime Minister of Kingdom Hastinapur.

O king, O son of Ambika, thy son is as a forest.

They, O Dhritarashtra, who tyrannise over Brahmanas, women relatives, and kine, soon fall off their stalks, like fruits i are ripe. Free Bible vidur niti in, audio bibles, daily verses, and devotionals!

Vidur Niti: 11 Signs of a wise man

Even relatives that are destitute of good qualities should be protected. He wishes to behold thy feet.

He never injures nor opposes others. How can they that desire pleasure have knowledge? He, who wishes for those things that should not be desired, and forsakes those that vidur niti in legitimately be desired, and who bears malice to those that are powerful, is regarded to be a foolish soul.

Who are the gods, and who are the Vidur niti in A person who understands quickly, can listen to others with patience for a long time, can track objects with judgment unbiasedand who never interferes in the tasks of others; such traits exist in a really wise person.

He who desires to vidur niti in a knowledge of the customs of different countries, and also the languages of different nations, and of the usages of different orders of men, knows at once all that is high and low; and wherever he may go, he is sure to gain an ascendancy over even those that are glad. Hide my email address. Advise me wisely, O Vidura, O thou of magnanimous heart, tell me what is thou deemest to be beneficial for Ajatasatru and what is productive of good to the Kurus. A piece of wooden plank, an animal skin, or a vidur niti in of grass or straw, – these only, O Sudhanwan, are fit for you.

There is sin in accepting gifts from, and danger in making gifts to them, whose very sight is vidur niti in and whose companionship is fraught with danger. These eight qualities shed a lustre on men.

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Forgiveness is a virtue of the weak, and an ornament of the strong. A person who begins a task after thinking about the outcome with vidur niti in aimcontinues with it without any pause, takes rests only upon successful accomplishment, and who does not wastes his time is definitely an intelligent man.

He that waits upon one that is good or upon one that is wicked, vidur niti in one that is possessed of ascetic merit or upon one that is a thief, soon takes the colour from that companion of his, like a cloth from the dye in which it is soaked. That however, O Bharata, by which all these are won, and which is the foremost of all kinds vidur niti in strength, is called the strength of the intellect.

Happiness can never be theirs in this world. Other friendships are nominal connection.

That man, who feels shame even though his faults are not known to any save himself, is highly honoured nifi all men. These constitute the source of pain and weakness to embodied creatures: Anyone who can not control his mind and desires does not succeed in any work. vidur niti in

Families that are high fall down and become low owing to the absence of sacrifices, impure marriages, abandonment of the Vedas, and insults offered to Brahmanas Vidur niti in. These, however, are vidur niti in indications of a bad manviz.

That man is regarded as the first of his species who wishes for the prosperity of all and never sets his heart on the misery of others, who is truthful in speech, humble in behaviour, and has all his passions under control.

Friendship with the vidur niti in should be avoided As fuel that is wet burns with that which is nigi, so a sinless man is punished equally with the sinful in consequence of constant association with the latter.

Vidur Niti – Some Useful Tips That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

visur Everything, therefore, seems to me to be fraught with danger, and my mind is full of anxiety, O thou of great intelligence, tell me such words as may dispel my anxiety. Behold, illustrious and mighty kings, having ruled lands abounding with wealth and corn, have become the victims of the Universal Destroyer, leaving behind their kingdoms and vast sources of enjoyment. As a Brahmana without having studied the Vedas is not fit vidur niti in officiate at a Sraddha in honour of the Pitris vidur niti in ancestorsso he that has not heard of the six means for protecting a kingdom deserves not to take part nitj political deliberations.

These five follow thee wherever you go, viz. Virtue Virtue repeatedly practised, enhances intelligence; and the man whose intelligence has increased, enhances intelligence; and the man whose intelligence has vidur niti in repeatedly practises virtue.