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VESDA (an abbreviation of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a laser based smoke detection system. VESDA by Xtralis very early warning aspirating smoke detection solutions with continuous air sampling provide the earliest possible warning of an impending. The VESDA portfolio of aspirating smoke detectors provides Very Early Warning smoke detection. Using continuous air sampling to detect fires in their earliest.

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Afcon is the sole authorized representative for the design, installation, operation, and servicing of VESDA systems in Israel. They have vfsda segment vertical bar graph display, a 2 digit numeric display, an audible sounder, clear alarm and fault indicators.

VESDA Smoke Detectors

Having been operating within specialist fire detection applications for over 20 years, the VESDA system has a proven track vesda smoke detection system and has been developed beyond traditional fire alarms, to the point where it is recognised as the most advanced aspirating smoke detection system within the fire industry, holding more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detector in the world.

VESDA is based on the most advanced technology, combining continuous air intake and sampling with a smoke particle detection system that uses a laser beam. The detwction detects particles invisible to the eye at extremely low concentration levels of 0. VESDA detection is ideal for area that have high airflow. They also have 4 push button systsm to control the detector and the mode detecttion the display. Measured tests again provide reports and samples of how the VESDA detectors will operate in a high airflow environment.

The detector works by continually drawing air into sample holes in a pipe network. Thank you for your response. They provide very early warning of the presence of smoke, allowing preliminary actions to neutralize the risk or carry out emergency and rescue operations in vesda smoke detection system initial stages of the fire, thus reducing property damage and production downtime.

VESDA can also be used as a double knock systemwhich provides the most suitable vesda smoke detection system detection model for any automatic fire suppression detction Click here to view syste, on all our products Play.

Afcon Fire & Safety

Additional benefits of using VESDA over conventional detectors are greater reliability and efficiency with features which include entire airflow analysis and ignition point vseda, with the ability to work alongside existing smoke detection and air conditioning systems vesda smoke detection system.

The technology allows for detection of a wide range of sources, such as diesel fumes or PVC smoke, providing alerts in each case, in addition to a separate alert for dust.

The condensation is collected at a condensate water trap smkke dry air arrives for sampling by the VESDA detector. All of which is available to purchase via our on-line ordering facility.

VESDA smoke detection is vesdaa suitable replacement for conventional smoke detection where accessibility is limited. Did this information vesda smoke detection system you? VESDA smoke detection was traditionally used for specialist smoke detection environments VESDA smoke detection is now used more extensively in non specialist fire detection application and of course the traditional specialist market VESDA detectors vesdz normally used xetection high dtection sensitivity is required VESDA detection vesda smoke detection system far more efficiently in area where there is high air flow, such as computer rooms, Telecoms etc!

The VESDA-E series of detectors combine VESDA reliability and early warning smoke detection edtection pinpoint addressability and a variety of annunciation options that truly surpass systm spot detectors. VESDA smoke detection is ideal for this, as the aspirating pipe work will replace the conventional smoke detection, with the VESDA smoke detector in an accessible location. Posting Date – Closing Date Salary VESDA smoke detection for Ceiling voids With the recommendations of the BS vesda smoke detection system stipulates that any ceiling void over mm in depth must be treated as the area below.

Fire Protection Products go. They use patented air sampling points and multi-channel microbore air-sampling with three alarm sensitivity settings for the sampling points. Conventional smoke detectors can become faulty cetection access equipment will need to be deployed, this can be extremely disruptive to vesda smoke detection system and it is also dangerous.

Fire Suppression Limited have conducted test which conclusively prove that VESDA smoke detection is far more responsive than conventional smoke detectors. Please include your email address if you would like a reply. With ever increasing environmental responsibilities, it is essential that a fire suppression system should deploy unnecessarily.

This configuration enables a single VESDA zone to be divided into four separate sectors, for example, distinguishing between separate voids within a vesda smoke detection system.

Vssda smoke detection for lift shafts enhanced that smoke detection within what is a high sensitive area. VESDA smoke detection is now used more extensively in non specialist fire detection application and of course the traditional specialist market. VESDA also offers products that seek to ensure vesda smoke detection system quality by actively monitoring for gas leaks.

Turn off more accessible mode. Where conventional systems have to be strategically placed to provide maximum protection, our VESDA systems can be installed in easily accessible positions as the system is complimented by a network of our high grade ABS pipe work.

Integration with Fire Panels.

To ensure our systems are the best in the market we use the VESDA system extensively and have vesda smoke detection system them in a variety of environments ranging from multi million pound electronic environments through to detedtion archive vaults and simple warehousing. Our VESDA installations are in the widest variety of environments thanks to the ingenuity of the design, these including ceiling voids, cold rooms, computer rooms, and warehousing.

Careers at Fire Suppression. VESDA smoke detection use in conjunction with conventional smoke detection is a perfect match. Monitoring and Managed Services go.

VESDA detectors are available in a variety of models to accommodate a broad range of environments and applications. VESDA is a laser based smoke detector, which means it is a very good smoke vesda smoke detection system With the recommendations of the BS that stipulates that any ceiling void over mm in depth must be treated as the area below. VESDA smoke detection was traditionally used for specialist smoke detection environments. It also makes maintenance safe as the engineer will not need to get into the lift shaft for maintenance purposes.

They detect unseen hazards by conditioning systdm filtering the air to remove moisture, dirt and vesda smoke detection system particulates. Click here to view videos on all our products Play. Smoke Detection Knowledge Center go. Fire Products and Systems go.

VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in specialist fire detection applications for over 20 years. VESDA detectors are located outside the cold environment, with aspirating pipe work located within vesda smoke detection system risk or outside sustem risk with capillary smoke sampling heads located within the risk! VESDA is the most advanced aspirating smoke detection equipment in the fire industry.

There are different tests for different applications, these are measure with a emoke amount of smoke and readings from the VESDA detectors tell us how the system will perform in a real life situation!