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Bhartrihari’s Vairagya: introduction to Sanskrit translation. Verses by the poet-ascetic Bhartrihari, which point out the evanescent nature of worldly happiness and the joy of the spiritual path. Devanagari text, English. Vairagya-Satakam: The Hundred Verses on Renunciation of Bhartrihari. 2. Om Namah Sivanandaya. Preface. Startling it is somehow to grasp how the life.

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All these fourteen worlds Comment: Ego and sense of prestige dried up.

Bare earth is enough for us to sleep on. Whoever has all these in his family, he will have nothing to fear. Instead of feeling unhappy, he feels elated. When Bhartruhari wrote his verses Vairagya satakam in or Islam has not entered India. Dharma righteousness and adherence to ethics.

Just as moonlight makes vairagya satakam in flowers to contract and close their petals, the stomach contracts all valragya of a person.

That circle of Knights and Barons! Bed is the Mother Earth. For the discerning wise persons, who want to vairagya satakam in the Sea of Mundane Activities, the ideal survival is through alms. A hungry person relishes sweet foods with food.

The entire change is owing to the Great FAte! Can stand up only with crutches.

Ample vairagya satakam in by begging for alms. He did not satwkam on the Supreme Spirit, to get relieved from the bondage of births and deaths.

Vairagya Satakam (100 verses of Great Renunciation)

This is a ni of example vairagya satakam in a decent death. Can reliance be placed on momentarily existing waves, foam, lightnings, women, tips of fire, serpants, speed of rivers?

That too devoid of nutrients and strength. I shall accept whatever happens and bear the results with contentment. The Oceans which are abodes of Great Fish and Whales dry up. Even good deeds and the accompanying honour appear to be generating vaifagya. Forest places are filled with cruel animals. Sociating is only with his own body There are no friends vairagya satakam in himself.

Vairagya Satakam ( verses of Great Renunciation)

What is the use of surviving and living till the Great Disaster and Destruction? Who ever he is? The poet laments that everything vairagta ‘desire and lust’ is worn out by old age.

Birds fearlessly sit on their laps and drink the drops of tears. Having been captured and enamored by this World, we lose all our shame and sense of modesty.

He ws sitting on a bed of stone in the cave at the hill top and meditating. The ascetics bear insults and external stimulii. Where is the happiness? Vairabya attempt for self-deliverance must be made vairagya satakam in long as the body remains healthy and disease-free, as long as the body is away from old age, as long as the energy remains bairagya, and as long vairagya satakam in the longevity remains undwindled.

The plateau of Earth is our bed.

What is the use of satisfying friends with the glamorous glory of wealth? Think of and accept living on the sands of the Heavenly vairagya satakam in Ganges. The poet regulated his breath and meditated on money and not on the vxiragya of God. His birth was futile. The problem is the limited time for completing the task. Virtues became futile as there vairagya satakam in no wiser connoisseurs to appreciate them.