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Unidrive SP AC Drive from Emerson/Control Techniques is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from to 2, hp. All drives . 27 Mar D TPM. +. Control Techniques UNIDRIVE SP. Quick Startup Guide. D Revision: Control Techniques premier product- the Unidrive SP is a solutions platform that, Classic and the Unidrive SP that one may encounter during a retrofit situation.

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Normal Duty – 6.

When the Safe Torque Off function is active, the drive output is disabled with a high degree of integrity. Provides high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies. Service unidrive sp Support Service Support Jnidrive.

The most popular industrial unidrive sp are available.

Normal Duty – 11A 7. This enables fieldbus unidrive sp, application modules and encoders to continue to operate. Free Standing drives can be ordered unidrive sp include all ynidrive the power unjdrive equipment needed to allow immediate connection to the motor and to the power supply.

SM-Register A flexible, high performance solution for programmable motion requiring high speed registration features. Ethernet communications allow the drives to be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world. Normal Duty – To use this Web Unidrive sp, you must use a browser that supports this element, such as Internet Explorer 7.

SM-Encoder Plus Incremental encoder input option module. Unidrive SP frame sizes 0 to 2 feature an optional heatsink mounted brake resistor. Unidrive sp cannot find what you are looking for, call our Customer Support team at or email at sales cimtecautomation. Normal Duty – 11A 3hpHeavy Duty – This reduces the temperature rise inside the control panel. Customize your drive with additional option modules that easily plug in spp the cover. Normal Duty – 8. Very high current motors ubidrive be controlled using a multi-drive modular arrangement.

Other unidrive sp accessories include HMI units, dynamic braking resistors internal and external styles availableadvanced external EMC filters, and DC back up power supplies. This drive is available in panel mount, free-standing, and modular models. Universal Encoder Plus Solutions Module, provides an additional increamental or Absolute encoder feedback port and simulated encoder unidrive sp.

Explore our industry-specific solutions, giving manufacturers a competitive edge. Unidrive SP has an unidrive sp programmable controller. Coprocessor module programming and CTNet system configuration tool, Software registration required. Connector on one end, flying leads on the other, 5 ft length.

Emerson | Control Techniques Unidrive SP 230/460/575/690 VAC Servo Drive

Normal Duty unidrive sp 2. Unidrive SP drives can be configured using the keypad to operate in the following modes:.

SM-Resolver Resolver module is designed for robust feedback in demanding environments. CT Harmonic Calculator – Analysis of drive system unidrive sp CT Harmonic Calculator is a supply harmonics calculator that will help you to economically meet the required standards for your installation. Easy Parameter Xp and Copy The Smartcard is a memory device that is supplied with every Unidrive Unidrive sp, it can be used to back-up parameter sets and PLC programs and copy them from one drive unidrive sp another.

Connector on one end, flying leads on the other, 2 ft length. FlexiBowl Flexible Feeding Products. Hnidrive Control Techniques Products.

Control Techniques Downloads

Can’t find what you are looking for? Intelligent Sensors and Safety Products.

Normal Duty – 3. Normal Duty – 5.

Unidrive SP – High performance universal AC drive range

Encoder Plus Solutions Module, provides an additional incremental encoder feedback port. Patent and Trademark Office. The keypad is used to navigate parameter structure unidrive sp this drive can also be used without one. The Unidrive SP offers flexibility with an extensive range of options that can be combined for space saving solutions. Incremental Encoder Output Solution Module to enable connection with external motion unidrive sp.

Normal Duty – 21A 15hpHeavy Duty –