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UL A: UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations. Standards for. CTI/trackingUL A ASTM D IEC or equivalent standards. Animation: CTI / tracking. UL Performance Materials Electronics Brochure. UL Series – A / B / C / D / E. Section 1: General. Dry Arc Test Closeup One of the most referenced Standards for evaluation of Polymeric.

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The following information summarizes the changes and provides additional guidance to help assist with product development. The HVTR for a material is expressed as the rate in ul 746a per minute that a tracking path can be produced on the surface of the material under standardized test conditions.

The three vertical ratings — V2, V1 and V0 — indicate that the material was tested in a vertical position ul 746a self-extinguished within a specified time after ul 746a ignition source was removed.

UL 746 Series

HWI performance is expressed as the mean number of uo ul 746a to ignite a specimen when wrapped with an energized non-chrome resistive wire that dissipates a specified level of energy. Ul 746a are serviced by Constant Contact. The Recognition of color concentrates requires submittal and testing for each Recognized vertically rated base resin. IEC Ball Pressure Temperature BP IEC ball pressure temperature, in accordance with IECis expressed as ul 746a temperature in degrees C at which a 5-millimeter diameter ball causes a 2-millimeter diameter or less impression on the material surface.

The Recognized concentrate package can be shipped directly to the manufacturer as well.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. The ul 746a three classifications are assigned to very thin films commonly used in flexible printed wiring boards, generally not capable of ul 746a themselves in a horizontal position VTM-0, VTM-1, VTM The component-concentrates category QMLJ2 permits the Recognition il the additive ul 746a package that was blended with the Recognized neat base resin to produce the newly formulated Recognized plastic.

This test relates to the establishment of an electrically conductive path on the surface of a solid, insulated material as a result of electrical stress. Lu can occur in the presence of open switch contacts or in the event of the failure of an electrical connection.

UL Knowledge Solutions – Plastics – and the right selection in accordance with UL 94 & UL A-D

A tabulation of the temperature indices according to the generic material class is included in Ul 746a B and is based on the past field-test performance and chemical structure. Recognition of a color concentrate for use ul 746a a vertically rated Recognized base resin is specific and requires the submittal of standardized hl ul 746a.

UL Knowledge Services reserves the right to limit workshop attendance uul to the foregoing. UL Knowledge Services workshops are designed for and intended to serve individuals using and relying upon UL services.

UL Thermoplastics Testing Center – Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)

The color concentrate category QMQS2 offers end-product manufacturers faced with these challenges the option of ordering the necessary amount of the Recognized neat natural resin while also obtaining a color concentrate Recognized for use with the Ul 746a plastic.

They are then subjected to a defined flame ignition source for a specified period of time. Property retention following exposure to long-term elevated temperature air-oven agingwater, il light, cold, and other outside influences may also be evaluated. Otherwise, all class locations are listed. You can unsubscribe anytime. Ul 746a – Latin America.

Test results may lead to one of the following outcomes:. Electrical RTI is associated with critical electrical insulating properties. The end-of-life of a material at each test temperature in this program is assumed to be the time when the value of the critical property had decreased to 50 percent of its original as received value. Ul 746a dry blending ul 746a two materials ul 746a exceeding the published maximum let-down ratio, end-product manufacturers can produce the contracted part, which is typically more cost-effective than ordering a custom Recognized plastic.

Polymeric materials in direct contact with or in close proximity to overloaded or arcing electrical hl could ignite. UV, water exposure or immersion in accordance with UL C, where the acceptability for outdoor use is to be determined by UL.

ul 746a

The course materials ul 746a in English language. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Also, these specimens may lu drip any flaming particles. Horizontal versus Vertical Positioning Specimens molded from the plastic material are oriented in either a horizontal 764a vertical position depending ul 746a uul specifications of ul 746a relevant test method. The Screening Test is il helpful in determining which may be the preferred ul 746a technique.

In certain cases, higher temperatures are permitted if so specified by the end-use product Standard. A material considered suitable for outdoor use has gone through testing in accordance with UL C, Polymeric Materials, Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluation s as follows:.

If this ul 746a does not compromise the HB-flame rating of the Recognized base resin, the newly Recognized color concentrate has a generic Recognition which permits its use in any Recognized HB-rated base resin of that particular generic type.

Before molding, resin and package are dry-blended at the specific let-down ratio by the Recognized manufacturer. For UL B tests the general requirements are for thermal aging to be started at four or more elevated ul 746a.

In some tests, the test flame 76a only applied once — as is the case in the horizontal burning HB test — while the flame is applied at least twice in other tests.

If a material has not been investigated under the thermal-aging program, the RTI shown is based on the generic class of the material. The Recognized ul 746a can be ordered and shipped based on production schedules. 746s usually means the ul 746a specimens are to be tested are to undergo some length of thermal aging prior to testing.

Properties evaluated by UL include: After this seminar it will be much easier to develop u materials more efficiently for ul 746a clients plastics manufacturers or to better select ul 746a and more cost efficient materials for your own end product applications end products clients.

Description This seminar will be held in English language. The material is tested for flammability, mechanical ul 746a and mechanical strength before and after exposure to these conditions.

The test methods are the same as described in UL A for the specific property.

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