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21 Aug In , Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D., published Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever. Their groundbreaking book. The book is mainly about using nutrition to extend your life, and Ray and Terry also mention details about the work being done on Longevity and the. 21 Dec In Transcend, famed futurist Ray Kurzweil and his coauthor Terry Grossman, MD, present a cutting edge, accessible program based on the.

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Sadly, the authors did not leave livign their futuristic visions – I certainly did not appreciate t Having read and enjoyed Fantastic Voyage, I expected a lot from Transcend. However, the book is easy to recommend to readers who have been neglecting their health for most of their lives and need a quick, solid foundation in the topic. Ray KurzweilTerry Grossman. Nov 27, John Orman rated it really liked it.

Please try again later. Grossman lives in Colorado. Their advice to the reader is additionally tainted by their potential profit by the sale of supplements. There are also a number of tranecend tests which the authors Kurzweil and Grossman recommend, some of which which are not always suggested by your doctor. Such devices are not present today, but Kurzweil says they are coming, if we can live long enough to get there.

Dec 04, Dan rated it it was amazing. Oct 19, Bruce rated it liked it. He’s a brilliant guy, I have no doubt, however this book didn’t have anything new to say.

When Humans Transcend Biology. Could there be transcend nine steps to living well forever escape from death?

Return to Book Page. If you don’t consider yourself ‘scientifically minded’, don’t worry – all the scientific evidence here isn’t hard-going. Great science, terrible writing.

Published 8 months ago. Since I’m a great fan of Ray’s proselytizing on behalf of the Singularity, I hope it does.

Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever by Ray Kurzweil

If you read health books you’re already aware that y Ray Kurzweil, famous technologist and futurist, believes that by the end of this century the human lifespan will have increased to years due to advances in technology. Natural Nien Processing with TensorFlow: Published liviing month ago. I guess from a statistical perspective, I would want to know if the studies he’s based these things off were randomized, as it’s hard to trust current transcend nine steps to living well forever findings nowadays.

My personal diet and nutrition recommendations have departed from what Ray and Terry recommend.

Kurzweil’s other writing is more worthwhile. I complained to Ray in a letter expressing concern about his personal health – pills a day is just too many, portending too many interactions – and also to Terry. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever

There have been dozens of studies on cardiac risk and vitamin E, and it still isn’t clear if it helps at all The emphasis on supplements seems problematic in general. Kurzweil never hesitates to put forth his vision of the future, which if interesting.

Why lliving that high? Instead, this book seemed to compile a large number of studies and recommendations that I had already heard in other places. Dec 31, Marcello Gunther rated it it was amazing.

Inquiring readers want to know, “should I take Resveratrol or alpha-lipoic-acid? He lives in Massachusetts.