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Barcelona Metro maps updated in , including all the new lines an stations. Barcelona Metro map updated in mapa metro barcelona 7 Jan The official website of metropolitan public transport (ATM-TMB) in Barcelona, has been modified according to our updated map. In particular. On this page you’ll find a Barcelona metro map that will help you plan you route with the TMB and FGC metro transport system. The map shows both TMB, FGC.

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TMB Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona manages the metro and bus networks of the metropolitan area, providing services to the city of Barcelona and ten more municipalities. This app is only available on the App Tmb mapa metro barcelona for iOS devices. Click on the map above to see a version which you can print out. Responsive designadapted to PC’s, tablets, mobiles and smartphones. Or if you need you can calculate your optimal route directly: Other Projects Repsol Guide Transport and infrastructure.

Barcelona Metro includes the official TMB metro map and a handy route planner. In an intuitive and simple way, it locates bus and metro stops on the map, their lines and trajectories, and the routes calculated by the service “I want to Go”.

To go ‘ad free’ you can harcelona make an in-app purchase to remove them. This update includes a few bug fixes and performance improvements. The “fifth map” consists of several maps of the Barcelona subway lines individually: At the weekends and during the day in non-rush hours, it can tmb mapa metro barcelona from 2 minutes something up to 7 minutes or more if it is late at night close to the closing hours.

Plano de Metro de Barcelona 2018

Barcelona Card – Free transport, no limits on amounts of journeys, valid for the number of days you purchase the card for, includes tmb mapa metro barcelona to attractions and many venues, cannot be shared with other members of your group. All bus and metro lines and stops are included. Watch out, keep your bags with you all gmb time and follow my local tips to avoid being robbed in Barcelona and what to do in the event that you get robbed.

If you wish to travel outside the city of Bcn for example, Manresa, Tmb mapa metro barcelona, etc the price of transport tickets is more expensive, depending on the area you barceloba traveling to. Take into account that since TMB is the same company who runs barceoona metro and the buses in the city, the same ticket is valid for both transports, so you can mix and match the journeys with metro and bus combined in the same ticket.

You can see the time table below of the underground but there are a couple of local tips I would like to tmb mapa metro barcelona you:.

TMB Maps | nexus geographics

If you are going to use the tmb mapa metro barcelona transport less than 3 times a day and only for a day or two this will be your ticket of choice. Barcelona metro timetable tmb mapa metro barcelona ticket information.

Tap Support in the About section in the app. You can also buy them in a tobacco shop or in a lottery ticket stall. It allows visualizing the TMB service information on the territory.

There are travel cards by days, to use unlimited times during the course of 2 days up to 5 tmb mapa metro barcelona cards, the card includes metro and bus tmblocal trains fgctram and regional trains called Rodalies de Catalunya-this is the one that gets you from and to the airport by train. Thank you very much for your visit, we hope that our Barcelona Metro Map has been useful to you. Barcelona Card gives you unlimited transport on the Barcelona transport system metro, bus, tram.

Don’t forget to give us feedback by choosing support in the app, or emailing us at barcelonametro mxdata. In the year it transported more than million people, and has a workforce tmb mapa metro barcelona more than 7, workers. In the morning in peak hours as well as in the afternoon for weekdays, the metro runs faster, a train every minute and a half or so.

Like using Barcelona Metro? However if you share the ticket with a colleague the T is a multi person pass and has 10 journeys, or if you use it more than 4 times a day, the T-dia or the Hola Bcn! You can now view tmb mapa metro barcelona map full screen by rotating your iPhone. The Montjuic cable care might be the funniest means of transport in Barcelona along with the Tramvia Blau, is a gondola lift that connects Montjuic Hill from bottom to top.

The tmb mapa metro barcelona can accommodate up to…. The underground started in with the green line, currently line number 3, this changed completely how Barcelonians moved around the city.

Barcelona metro map 2018

You will hear all the time in the metro announcements that there are pickpockets all around you and you should keep your belongings tmb mapa metro barcelona and pay attention, don’t ignore the message. Some of the integrated cards can also be bought online, such as the Hola Bcn! A couple of things to tell you about in this release: Unfortunately, tmb mapa metro barcelona, the official map is still incorrect because some fully adapted subway stations are not indicated as such as we have witnessed personally.


With information about the arrival times, and Street View mode to identify them. Just use the route planner! Created by Vinals creative commons licensemodified by Mapametrobarcelona.