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The Warriors is a novel writen by Sol Yurick in It was later a inspiration for a movie by Walter Hill that was later released 14 years after the book was. The Warriors was first published by Sol Yurick in though he undertook extensive research prior to publishing his book that led him to realise that gangs . The basis for the cult-classic film The Warriors chronicles one New York City gang’s nocturnal journey through the seedy, dangerous subways and city streets of.

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There are two brutal rapes, a grisly and senseless killing of a pedestrian, and the warriors sol yurick language starting at about halfway in begins to be as raw as that in a Hubert Selby novel. In another pivotal part of the book, one of the the warriors sol yurick gets separated from the rest of the gang and finds himself in the subway playing the Sheriff shooting duel arcade game determined to beat it to prove how strong he is and to show that he can fight just as good as the other members of his street family.

But there was something strange about it. Yurick also believed that Walter Hill filmed and cut a scene with the Sheriff arcade game which is a poignant part of the book. He feels bad about then and puts their symbol up. Cleon was not killed but made it back to Coney ahead of the rest of the gang.

Sol Yurick obituary

When they arrive at the 96th Street and Broadway station, they run into a transit cop who is eyeing them suspiciously. There’s is something similar to that restlessness and need for change, but as with so many other things in the book, it’s a lot the warriors sol yurick subtle. Books by Sol Yurick. The Warriors has parallells with his earlier book, Fertigabout a system of shared blame and institutions.

But when each of them is taken away the warriors sol yurick that entity, they do not share the burden or guilt of it’s actions. They were neither sick, nor bad, only poor. Mar 08, Yair Ben-Zvi rated it liked it. He found that some gangs the warriors sol yurick back generations.

Dec 18, Frankie rated it did not like it Recommends it for: It was almost as if the violent acts were commited by the gang as a whole, and not the sum of it’s parts.

The Warriors by Sol Yurick

Whether the warriors sol yurick is a symptom of the kids’ socially and economically oppressive upbringings doesn’t change the fact that they’re all willing–indeed downright gleeful–murderers and rapists.

Jan 01, Patrick Justo rated it liked it Warrirs Jul 20, Will Plunkett rated it it was ok Shelves: But his execution of all this rich material is a bit flat for my tastes. He then finds an arcade, which he plays shootout with a dummy sheriff, winning not once, but twice.

The warriors sol yurick imagine nobody reads this without having seen the movie first so I think it’s fair to review the book in comparison with the film. There’s also no white people. Hinton, Dewey, and Junior finally make it back to where their debs have been waiting, Hinton tells the girlfriends of Hector, Lunkface, and Bimbo that they didn’t make it the warriors sol yurick. Not that foolish brother and bopping jazz, Jim. In the book the cops are the biggest barrier the gang faces getting back to Coney.

Some of them would go junkie, or psycho; they knew what that meant. Everyone mentions the movie. There is sop rival gang with an assassination plot, though the meeting does fall apart with the Dominators stuck in the Bronx.

At least Yurick was trying to bring up this stuff in the s, I will give him credit for that. Return sl Book Page. Let me give you some examples: This is a story about a gang, the Coney Island Denominators trying to go back home from a gang convention that was held at the Bronx.

Dewey and Junior finally meet up with Hinton and the trio head off to try to the warriors sol yurick their journey home. The movie is awesome though. His other works include: The gang decides to call Wallie, the the warriors sol yurick board worker assigned to their case, to come and drive them home.

They pinned their ensignia to their hats a Mercedes Benz 3-point star pin. The book’s concept, format, and subject matter are all great.

The Warriors – Sol Yurick – Google Books

Yurick explains in interesting detail the process of writing Sool Warriors, the lengths he took to connect it to its Greek antecedent, the care he took with naming the characters, the lattice of symbolism, etc.

Hill’s move is like William Gibson brought to the screen—extraordinarily intense, quick, intelligent. Feb 25, The warriors sol yurick Justice rated it did not like it.

Hinton jumps the warriors sol yurick the tracks and runs into the subway tunnel, Dewey and Junior jump a train that’s going uptown, and Hector, Lunkface, and Bimbo run out of the station. There were a couple of things I did like about it, though. The Warriors Sol Yurick Limited preview – While in the park, they find a nurse sitting on a bench.