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14 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): A Review of “The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media”. The Influencing Machine has ratings and reviews. Diane said: Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential elect.. . 16 May Brooke Gladstone, longtime cohost of On the Media, NPR’s weekly radio show on journalism and media, has turned to comics: The Influencing.

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The comic format made this an enjoyable read, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to read more about the history and the influencing machine brooke gladstone of the media. Scott McCloud’s trilogy of books about comics are perhaps the best example nowadays, and pretty close in style to The Influencing Machine, as Gladstone takes a similar fourth-wall-breaking style of talking.

Because of this, perhaps I can let myself believe her optimistic conclusion.

Her message is fair: To ask other readers questions the influencing machine brooke gladstone The Influencing Machineplease sign up. Also present was everything we admire — and require — from the media: This book offers a robust opinion on the state of the media and explains why there is still a lot of work to do but no reason to despair.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media

She points out this example where people blamed the media when it criticized the WMD war on Iraq. Overall, a compelling and good read.

The the influencing machine brooke gladstone became a hero. I had high hopes for this “media manifesto in comic book form,” as it seemed to be infliencing similar in style both graphically and narratively to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. So then I had to go grab it back from my 4th grader, despite the fact that all Gladstone’s references to bias, gatekeepers, and cognitive dissonance the influencing machine brooke gladstone seem to find a better landing place among college graduates.

Quotes from The Influencing M And that media is a pretty good reflection of how the current ages are. But, eventually, machinf the news of the massive human damage civilian centers were bombed, not military bases the public were finally horrified.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone

And the influencing machine brooke gladstone fact that we’re allowed to respond online doesn’t change the inherent structure of it. This was an excellent read. And that there actually is a unitary “public. Some fascinating factual tidbits, e.

In fact, The Influencing Machine reads like several books mashed into one—a history tome; a formal critique; a confession of a journalist; a how-to manual; and a manifesto. By the 17th century, many urban Europeans can rely on weekly or even some daily papers for news of the world.

The Influencing Machine has been selected as a common read by a number of universities, including Alaska Pacific UniversityAmerican University[12] Millersville University[13] the influencing machine brooke gladstone University of Alaska Anchorage[14] and the University of Maryland. And legal restrictions on the press like the Alien and Sedition Acts made things worse.

Nevertheless this book is worth glancing through because there’s a lot of fascinating information about American history. Google, Facebook and The influencing machine brooke gladstone now openly brag about censoring results and reading your private messages.

Although The Influencing Machine is her first comic, Gladstone has been a comics fan since she was a kid: However, like most things related to the election, I get horrified and then try to calm down by looking at the grand sweep of history which is hopefully bending toward justice, despite recent setbacks. Maybe we’re getting dumber.

ghe Many important thinkers are represented here and there are pages of footnotes so readers the influencing machine brooke gladstone keep digging on their own. Customer Service If you have questions: Its message——that the power to enact progress resides less in the machinations of institutions and social networks than in everyday choices made by common people——is timely and true.

Unquestionable values and unchallengeable truths. It was an assigned text for Veronica, and I see something catching lying around, I have to snake it from other family members, otherwise they wouldn’t know where to look for it. A better frame narrative would have helped. It’s a narrative nightmare.

It is necessary, to keep the waters pure. Comics,” Publishers Weekly Nov. In other words, she’s all over the map.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone

Before we blame the influencijg for its stories and its so called conspiracy we must understand that we make it so. All of this in pages. I guess I the influencing machine brooke gladstone being in the influencing machine brooke gladstone company of a fellow sufferer.

It made me smile. So are we living in the best of influencjng for media and journalism or the worst of times? I am grateful to Facebook using which I stumbled upon this book. This is the power of news at its best: If you’re unfamiliar with rhetoric, this makes a fabulous introduction, and if you already know about it, you’ll enjoy how everything is tied to modern media.

The terms have changed, but the underlying tensions are the same. Her apparent thesis in the introduction – that consumers and advertisers cause media bias – did not seem to be the guiding thesis of her discussion, which spanned history, psychology, and personal opinion. Dec 12, Ron Turner rated it really liked it.

ComicsJournalismMedia StudiesCommunication. But in liberal America, where she presents a public radio show called On the Media the influencing machine brooke gladstone, she is something of a star: