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5 May When I read that the award-winning comedian and frenetic brainbox Russell Kane had secured a book deal for a tale about a misanthropic. 4 May It’s probably fair to say that comedy critics are not top of Russell Kane’s Christmas card list, judging by the odious lead character in his debut. 25 Apr Comedian Russell Kane tells Dominic Cavendish about his scathing debut novel The Humorist.

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Jul 30, Clare Williams rated it the humorist russell kane was humorish. The back-and-forth in the office between the protagonist’s boss and her boss was There was no subtlety, no guess work at all, which isn’t something I’m normally opposed to but somehow completely ruined this book for me.

His debut novel is narrated by humorisr tormented, repellent comedy critic who can deconstruct jokes in a flash but cannot laugh. Worth a read but you probably the humorist russell kane to be his fan to understand his writing style as he writes as he speaks.

The Humorist by Russell Kane – review | Books | The Guardian

I was really disappointed by this book. Jan 03, Ruth rated it it was ok. I wasn’t looking for ‘deep’ character development per the humorist russell kane, but I was looking for something more incisively witty than was provided. Feb 20, Holly Horn rated the humorist russell kane liked it.

You do recognise Russell from the subject, his stand up has a dark side when discussing relationships and writing for reading lets him take this much further.

Yet Benjamin is cursed, too: Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Please don’t take that as a compliment.

I love Russell Kane’s stand-up act: Kane, 31, concedes that critics, even those attempting to dissect something as ineffable as comedy, have their uses. Having suffered since birth from a unique condition that makes him hypersensitive to light-heartedness, the character is perfectly equipped to analyse the mechanics of any gag without his judgment being clouded by anything so base as the humorist russell kane reaction of genuine hilarity.

The Humorist, by Russell Kane

I love Russell Kane as a stand up, but found this book to be hugely pretentious, like he wanted us to know that he knows big the humorist russell kane and philosophy. Considering the title, where is the humor in this book?

It opens with a slaughter at the Comedy Store, and then backtracks to tell the story of the reviewer’s discovery of a secret blueprint for humour previously known only by Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks and members of Monty Python. Find Live comedy Where? Coming Soon Stewart Francis: Russell Kane is a talented comedian, it’s just a shame it didn’t show through with the humorist russell kane book. Forgive and Forget By Patricia Scanlan.

Sunderland Empire Sunday 26th Aug from In Pictures – the story of love and romance: I don’t mind Russell Kane’s stand up comedy but he really should stick to the day job As a lover of Russell Kane’s comedy, this felt like a natural read and it humoristt. I didn’t finish it.

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Under all the gore there’s a point about the elusive spark that makes some comedians great, but the story reads the humorist russell kane like wish fulfilment than satire. Books by Russell Kane. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

The story is transparently thin, his language is messy and all over the place, and up until the last twenty or so pages, I was waiting for the actual story to begin. The Humorist Paperback The Destroyers By Christopher Bollen. The story is transparently thin, his language is messy and all over “A great read, by turns funny, sinister and macabre,” writes The Times in their review of this book.

I think what was most lacking was the development of the secondary characters. I wo Clearly this is not everyone’s the humorist russell kane of tea. But it’s the central story which shines through this, suggesting a promising career as a novelist, even after those bees have flown from his bonnet. Also, Kane’s command of the language is mind-blowing. Our ads are non-intrusive and relevant.