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11 Feb The Gerson Clinic, located in a coastal town of Tijuana, Mexico is licensed to provide the Gerson Therapy for patients beginning their healing. Max Gerson (October 18, – March 8, ) was a Jewish, German-born American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based. La terapia Gerson, una de las primeras terapias alternativas contra el cancer, ha tratado con exito a miles de pacientes a lo largo de mas de 60 anos.

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Max Gerson – Wikipedia

Only complete application packages will be reviewed by the clinic. You must go through the application process and be accepted as a patient before we can reserve you a room and arrange for your arrival.

Will they undergo the Gerson Therapy as well? Many of the patients had low sodium levels, thought to be associated with the very low sodium Gerson diet. This infection was seen only in those following Gerson-type therapy with raw liver no other cases of patients having sepsis with this microbe, a pathogen in cattle, had been reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the previous two years.

Max Gerson

The Gerson Institute is not a medical facility. How long do patients stay at the clinic?

Do I need a passport to enter the country? Once the application is complete, your Education Specialist sends it to the clinic for evaluation by gesona clinic doctors. Plant a seed to help us grow. Is there a long waiting list? Gerson diet program, which involves the use of ground coffee enemas, which can cause colitis inflammation of the bowelfluid and electrolyte imbalances, and in some cases septicaemia.

Should I come to the clinic or the Gerson Institute to apply in person? There are 10 rooms at the clinic in Mexico, so they can accommodate 10 patients and their companions at a time. When reviewing applications, the clinic will base their decision for one week acceptance on a patient’s condition and overall health.

The Gerson Clinic in Mexico | Gerson Institute : Gerson Institute

Gerson method of treatment for cancer”. Retrieved from ” https: This process takes between business days. The information provided on this website is educational in nature, and should not be used as a substitute for the counsel of an experienced medical professional.

This page was last edited ferapia 11 Octoberat To avoid delays, be sure to include:. Continued use of enemas may weaken the colon’s normal function, causing or worsening constipation and colitis.

Every patient is required to bring a companion with them, for no additional charge.

It is not approved for use in the United States. Do I fly into Mexico or San Diego? Gerson Therapy is based on the grrsona that disease is caused by the accumulation of unspecified toxinsand attempts to treat the disease by having patients consume a predominantly vegetarian diet including hourly glasses of organic juice and various dietary supplements.

Retrieved 23 November After Gerson’s death, his daughter Charlotte Gerson continued to promote the therapy, founding the “Gerson Institute” in Retrieved March 6, Proponents of the Gerson Therapy believe a conspiracy headed by the medical establishment prevented Gerson from publishing proof that his therapy worked. International Journal of Cancer. Review of this study pointed out its “obvious flaws”, including “the majority of patients lost to follow-up, lack of access to detailed medical records, and reliance upon patients for disease stage information”; the authors themselves regarded the results as unclear.

Most patients were lost to follow-up; of the patients successfully followed, 10 died and six were alive at their last follow-up. Patient interviews were used to confirm the existence and stage of cancer; most patients were unaware of the stage of their tumor, and medical records were not available.

Fill out the Medical Summary form, sign the Medical Records Release form, and gather the required medical records. A Practical Guide for Professionals.