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12 May These stories include the great myths – of Amen-Ra, who created all the creatures in the world; of Isis, seaching the waters for her dead. 5 Jan Embrace your inner geek with Puffin Pixels Puffin Pixels is a new collection of classics featuring pixelated, 8-bit video game cover artwork. 28 Jul This collection brings the world of Ancient Egypt to life with tales of journey and discovery. Among the many stories are the great myth of.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. I especially remember tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green called The Book of Dragons. Here’s a sentence from the first page of the introduction, “The first Greek historian, whose works survive, Herodotus, visited it in about BC and found that only priests could still read the ancient hieroglyphs in which inscriptions had been carved or written on the monuments since the days when Menes, the first historical Pharaoh, united the ‘Two Lands’ in about BC.

Read it Forward Read it first. Also by Roger Lancelyn Green. Furthermore the deities weren’t really discussed in their animal-headed or animal personas, which is what differentiates them from most other mythoi types.

Read aloud to my 12yo son. Mightier Than the Sword. A really great retelling, but a couple of the stories did feel a little long. I picked this up for a acnient at one of my favorite used bookstores because I loved Ancient Egyptian stuff as a kid. And finally about the stories themselves.

But for the teacher who is unfamiliar with the myths of Ancient Egypt, it’s a great intro.

Tales of Ancient Egypt

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Green became known primarily for his writings for children, particularly his retellings of the myths of Greece in Tales of the Greek HeroesThe Tale of Troyand Tales the Muses Told: Putting a baby crocodile on the teacher’s chair. Nov 16, Savannah Martinez rated it it was amazing. Green lived in Cheshire, in a manor which his ancestors owned for over years.

Green’s version of the stories does a good job making the material easy for average readers to understand, in spite of the bizarre nature of spirits and magic. I grew up reading assorted Puffins of myths, legends and fairy tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green by Roger Lancelyn Green.

This, however, wasn’t something that Roger Lancelyn Green could have changed, as he was the collector, not author, of these stories. Tales of Ancient Egypt 3. Rkger other information is given about her. Knowing If you’re deeply interested in Ancient Egypt stories, mythology etc you’ll find this book very interesting and informative. It begins with the gods, and then has stories of magic and adventure.

Ok, here’s one more from the story, “The Taking of Joppa. Tales of Ancient Egypt Snippet view – Roger has proved that he is a lot better in his preservation and re-telling talex the stories when compared to those of Edith Hamilton. There were a tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green quick mentions and the interesting discussion of Set’s strange animal head but not enough to bring the reader ancoent the true flesh of the times.

Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green

The ancient stories are fascinating but the writing by the author sgypt of poor quality and unclear. As I am a great fan of mythologies and just learned about ancient river valleys, including the Nile River Valley, I thought it appropriate to read this book now.

Jan 05, Pages. View all 3 comments. Hide and Shriek Thank you for signing up. From the perspective of a history student, this book was highly entertaining and informative as it helped throw light on the mentality of an ancient civilization while at the same time honouring the shroud of exotica that surrounds it.

Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green |

The stories are narrated in such a manner that one feels transported to the world of the Ancient Egyptians, where gods and men lived side by side. Joe Rhatigan and Anthony Owsley. This would be a challenging read for a good many middle-school students.

The First Rule of Punk. He loved storytelling and was fascinated by traditional fairy tales, myths and legends from around the world. And Christ did spend some time in Egypt, tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green And later in the same story, we hear of Apophis tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green the snake, the “eater of souls” who dwelt in “the Pits of Fire.

There are a few references to drinking wine and beer, but there is also a mention of Joseph and the Israelites in the prologue implying that the author considered them genuine historical entities.