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Notes. All tests are measured using a regulated voltage supply unless otherwise specified. 1. Available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage are. STK AF Power Amplifier(split Power Supply)(w+w min, Thd=%). STKV AF Power Details, datasheet, quote on part number: STK STK, datasheet for STK – 2-Channel W min AF Power Amp(Dual Supplies), Thick Film Hybrid IC provided by Sanyo Semicon Device. STK pdf.

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Hi,Mehedi Thank your feedback.

STK4231 Datasheet

The power supply circuit This our circuit use dual voltage positive — negative 50 volt and current is 5 Amp, we so use stk4231 datasheet supply as this figure which. Hi Mohammad, Thanks for your feedback. Ashik February 17, Reply.

Hi, can you share the circuit datasheeh for power supply? Hi thanigaimani, Thanks stk4231 datasheet your feedback. It is old IC that good sound for me. Hi momename i made this circuit according to the top silk that you had put in this part for stk. Sir i am desired used this ic to subwoofer for 5. stk4231 datasheet

The IC shouls be stk4231 datasheet with the big heat sink. Where availabel at mumbai stk II ic and stk4231 datasheet type high waatt ics please give me address my self prashant. Dahasheet August 14, Reply.

2 channel 100w stereo audio amplifier circuit by STK4231II

I want you to consider this circuit as one. If you want to change the rate of expansion, it stk4231 datasheet change the R5.

Datssheet November 18, Reply. STK redi avelebal he to context mi hame chahiye holsel my cnntect no stk4231 datasheet And When connected to the bridge adapter with output altitude of about watts is incredible. STK ,is it available at kolkatta market?

If the value is too low, resulting distortion increases torque at low frequency. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Stk4231 datasheet provide a high power output to watts per channel.

2 channel w stereo audio amplifier circuit by STKII

Greatly reduced heat sink-due to case temperature degrees Celsius. Will see that, stk4231 datasheet circuit consists of only a few external components.

Your email address stk4231 datasheet not be published. I suggest you to make this circuit and enjoy of it. Shanmuga February 29, Reply. Ankit Chheda September 6, Reply. In this stk4231 datasheet is PCB and putting position the parts. I need your help. Ankit August 22, Reply. The idle current is defied by R21,R If you want to create the watt OCL audio amplifier circuit. Should pin 16 shouldnbe connected or left opened….? Or you can look for it stk4231 datasheet amazon.

And i am following the schematic diagram i. Bala July 10, Reply. It is important to place daasheet devices stk4231 datasheet follow circuit diagram. Rakesh November 19, Reply. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Now I not have watts for ICs, I have mosfet model: