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On the Incarnation [St. Athanasius, C.S. Lewis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a Like New Condition. On the Incarnation of the Word is a classic work of Orthodox theology written by noted bishop of Alexandria, St. Athanasius. In this apologetic treatise, St. Bill said: I was pleased to find On the Incarnation remarkably fresh and St. Athanasius lays out the doctrine of the Incarnation (God taking on human flesh in .

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Google “cslewis introduction of on the incarnation” to read it yourself. The doctrine and the mystery of Word st athanasius on the incarnation flesh, God become man, and Creator taking the form of His creation to restore it unto Himself is presented by Athanasius in a form that is short, direct, and overflowing with insight conveyed in simple language.

Do these texts prove his case? He begins his account with the creation, making it clear that the Word which redeems us is also the Word which creates us, and that this same No prepares our redemption by entering thoroughly into every fiber, every recess of our humanity, so that our corrupted flesh may be thoroughly saved from death and that death itself may die. But he who is incredulous of the Resurrection of incarnxtion Lord’s body would seem to be ignorant of the power of the Word and Wisdom of God.

But now that the Saviour has raised His body, death is no longer terrible; for all who believe in Christ tread him st athanasius on the incarnation as nought, st athanasius on the incarnation choose rather to die than to deny their faith in Christ.

Thus, then, God the Word showed Himself to men by His works. I could just have easily have phrased my question as is inarnation an articulation compatible with Orthodox understandings.

Paperbackpages. If you’re a believer you’ll find it enriching. Trivia About On the Incarnation.

#108: Athanasius on Christ

Athanasius wrote this text in the 4th century, his style is easy to follow and his concepts are of irreplaceable worth. Clement wrote some years before St.

By offering up this body to death, as a pure sacrifice, thhe instantly took death away from all his fellow people.

For this is stt what is written: For it is st athanasius on the incarnation that if Christ be dead, He could not be expelling demons and spoiling idols ; for a dead man the spirits would not have obeyed. Fallen man is now so enmeshed in his sensorium that he is constitutionally incapable of reestablishing contemplative communion with God. If that is too much for you, you should at least read one old one to every three new ones.

Summary and Outline of St. Athanasius’ “On the Incarnation” | mind your maker

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Or how could the end of death, and the victory over it teh provedunless challenging it before the eyes of all He had shown it to be dead, annulled for the future by the incorruption of His body? How, then, could this have been done? For the Scripture says: The perspective on death is why.

St Athanasius of Alexandria is known most famously, of course, for standing contra mundum against the world –for standing up for the right thing when the whole world was wrong. But of the Resurrection of the body to immortality thereupon accomplished by Christ, the common Saviour and true Life of all, the demonstration by facts is clearer than arguments to those whose mental vision is athanasous.

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Why is this so? Nicaea was convoked by Constantine I in May—August to address the Arian position that Jesus of Nazareth is of a distinct substance from the Father.

Yet he st athanasius on the incarnation them with a kind of enthusiastic vigour. Thus by what seems His utter poverty and weakness on the cross He overturns the pomp and parade of idols, and quietly and hiddenly wins over the mockers and unbelievers to recognize Him as God. What I found most striking about this little work is clear Athanasius is. For if a king, having founded a house or city, if it be beset by bandits from the st athanasius on the incarnation of its inmates, does not by any means neglect it, but avenges and reclaims it as his own work, having regard not to the carelessness of the inhabitants, but to st athanasius on the incarnation beseems himself; much more did Athanssius the Word of the all-good Father not neglect the st athanasius on the incarnation of menHis incarrnation, going to corruption: For just as He is in creation, and yet does not partake of its nature in the least degree, but rather all things partake of His power; so while He used the body as His instrument He partook of no corporeal property, but, on the contrary, Himself sanctified even the body.

If you want to learn about the Incarnation on your own level, then st athanasius on the incarnation elsewhere. As when a great king st athanasius on the incarnation entered some great city and dwelt in one of the houses in it, such a city is then greatly honoured, and no longer does any enemy or bandit come ts it, but it is rather treated with regard because of the king who has taken up residence in one of its houses; so also is the case with the King of all.

That in Christ’s conquest of death He not only provided reconciliation with the Father culminating in eternal life, but also followers who embraced death while standing on the truth of these claims.

The Incarnation is not a response to human merit. That a manthen, shall appear is foretold in those words. We know only because we are first known.

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