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Pope John Paul II wrote Slavorum Apostoli (The Apostles of the Slavs) in The letter is a commemoration of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the ninth-century. Slavorum Apostoli has 6 ratings and 1 review. Raul said: The future! However much it may humanly speaking seem filled with threats and uncertainties, we. 24 Jul I would like to continue this reflection with John Paul II’s fourth encyclical letter Slavorum Apostoli (The Apostles of the Slavs) which was.

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Slavorum apostoli his Cathedral, filled with the faithful of different apostol, the disciples of Saint Methodius paid solemn slavorum apostoli apostol their dead pastor for the message of salvation, peace and reconciliation which he had brought and to which he had devoted his life: Divine Providence, which for the two holy brothers expressed itself through the voice and authority of the Emperor of Byzantium and of the Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople, addressed to them a similar exhortation, when it asked them to go as missionaries among the Slavs.

Slavorum apostoli, overt bad faith and even, for St Methodius, imprisonment accepted for love of Christ, did not deflect either of them from their tenacious resolve to help and to serve the good of the Slav peoples and the unity of the universal Church. Your plan of creation, O Father, culminating in the Redemption, touches the living man and embraces his entire life and aplstoli history of all peoples.

In following this programme of harmony and peace, Cyril and Methodius were ever respectful of the slavorum apostoli slavoruk their mission.

In Rome, absolved of all the accusations, he obtained from slavorum apostoli Pope the publication of the Slavorum apostoli Industriae Tuae, 9 which, at least in slavorum apostoli, restored the prerogatives granted to the liturgy in Slavonic by Pope John’s predecessor Hadrian II. The truth and the power of their missionary mandate came from the depths of the mystery of the Redemption, and their evangelizing slavorum apostoli among the Slavorum apostoli peoples was to constitute an important link in the mission entrusted by the Savior to the Church until the end of time.

Nonetheless, their sowing of the Gospel seed did not cease to bear fruit, and their pastoral attitude of concern to bring the revealed truth to new peoples while respecting their cultural originality remains a living model for the Church and for the missionaries of all ages.

Part 5 proposes that their catechetical and pastoral method remains “instructive for the Church today.

A similar request has addressed 3 slavorum apostoli to Methodius by the Roman Pontiff, when he sent him as Bishop among the Slavs of Greater Moravia, in the ecclesiastical regions of the slavorum apostoli Diocese of Pannonia. In other words, men who fully belonged to the civil apostolo ecclesiastical tradition of the Christian East.

Indeed all the cultures of the Slav apoostoli owe their “beginning” or development to the work of the Brothers slavorum apostoli Salonika. Only in the land cultivated by our saints, or at least prepared by them for cultivation, did Christianity definitively enter the history of the Slavs during the following century.

slavorum apostoli Their father was a senior official of the imperial administration. Moreover, the entire patrimony of good which every generation transmits to posterity, together with the priceless slavorum apostoli of life, forms as it were an immense and many-coloured collection of tesserae that together make up the living mosaic of the Pantocrator, who will manifest himself in his total slavorum apostoli only at the moment of the Parousia.

Saints Cyril and Methodius make us strong and steadfast in slavorum apostoli teaching of the Catholic faith especially to our youth! This diversity, when its origin is properly understood and when its value and meaning are properly considered, can only enrich the culture of Europe and its religious tradition, and likewise become an adequate foundation for its hoped-for spiritual renewal. Furthermore, the translation of the sacred books, carried out by Cyril and Methodius together with their pupils, conferred a capacity slavorum apostoli cultural dignity upon the Old Slavonic liturgical language, which became for many hundreds of years not only the ecclesiastical but also the official and literary language, and even the common language of the more educated classes of the greater part slavorum apostoli the Slav nations, and in particular of all the Slavs of the Eastern Rite.

The new sovereign of Greater Moravia, Prince Svatopluk, also subsequently slavorum apostoli hostility to the work of Methodius. Rightly therefore Ss Cyril and Methodius were at an early date recognized by the family of Slav peoples as the fathers of both their Slavorum apostoli and their culture.

While staying in the Crimea at Kherson, they identified what they believed to be slavorum apostoli church in which had been buried Saint Clement, Pope of Rome and martyr, who had been exiled to that distant region. A contribution to this has slavorum apostoli made by many events which belong, as true signs of the times, to the history of the 20th century; the first of these is that great event which took place in the life of the Church: Thus he became the guide and legitimate Pastor slavorum apostoli the Church slavorum apostoli in that age became established in the midst of those nations.

At this point it is an unusual and admirable thing that the holy Brothers, working in such complex and precarious situations, did not seek to impose on the peoples assigned to their preaching either the undeniable superiority of the Greek language and Byzantine culture, or the customs and way of life of the more advanced society in which they had grown up and which necessarily remained familiar and dear to them.

Slavorum Apostoli

Both Popes wished to compare the doctrine being taught by the brothers in Greater Moravia with that which the holy Apostles Peter and Paul had passed down, together with the slavoruk trophy of their spavorum relics, to the Church’s chief episcopal See. Here slavorum apostoli published the first liturgical books printed in this language. But once again, together with Methodius, he was included in slavorum apostoli Byzantine delegation sent to the Khazars, acting as a religious and cultural expert.

Reminding them that God causes the sun to rise and the rain to fall on all people without exception, 30 he said: In following this programme of slavorum apostoli and peace, Cyril and Methodius were ever respectful of the obligations of their slavormu. He is unanimously venerated, together with his brother Constantine, as the preacher of the Gospel and teacher “from God and the holy Apostle Peter “, and as the foundation of full unity between the Churches of recent foundation and the more ancient ones.

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. In Slavorum apostoli, before the representatives slavorum apostoli the ecclesiastical world, who held a rather narrow idea slavorum apostoli the Church and were opposed slavoru, this vision, Saint Cyril defended it with courage.

They undertook among these peoples that mission to which both of them devoted the rest of their lives, spent amidst journeys, privations, sufferings, hostility and slavoruum, which for Methodius included even a period of cruel imprisonment.

Slavorum Apostoli |

Avel Deleon marked it as to-read Jul 08, This Church grew even stronger when through the explicit consent of the Pope it received a slavorum apostoli hierarchy, rooted in the apostolic succession and remaining in unity of faith slavorum apostoli love both with the Church of Rome and with that of Constantinople, from which the Slav slavorum apostoli had begun.

But the characteristic of the approach adopted by the Apostles of the Slavs Cyril and Methodius which I especially wish to emphasize is the peaceful way in which they built up the Church, guided as they were by their vision of the Church as one, holy and universal.

It was a fulfillment – in time and in concrete circumstances – of the words of Christ, who in the power of his Cross and Resurrection told the Apostles: The successors of Pope Nicholas 1, even though they were concerned at conflicting reports regarding the slavorum apostoli and activity slavorum apostoli Cyril and Methodius, expressed their full agreement when they had a direct meeting with the Brothers.

His brother Cyril studied with great success in Byzantium, where he received Holy Orders, after having resolutely slavorum apostoli a brilliant political future.