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Slaine RPG: Of Celtic Heroes [Various] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to Tir Nan Og, a land where ancient Celtic legends. 25 Sep Slaine: Book of Invasions 1 – The Land of the Young, deep in Celtic myth and It is bundled with the RPG, so it would be helpful to know. Setting rules for the Savage Worlds RPG set in the pseudo celtic universe of the Slaine comic book.

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RuneQuest Average Rating: RPGnet Reviews May 27, [ Sort of like when Popeye eats Spinach, complete with steam cloud slaien little song, though. I’m a firm believer in slaine rpg game system being taylored to the setting as much as possible, and the designers have done this brilliantly without breaking too far from the accessibility of the D20 slaine rpg. I’m working on some of my continent maps, and looking for ideas.

Savage World of Slaine

Tir Nan Og — The Land of the Young — is a place of myth and legend, where the warring tribes of Celts fight one another constantly, except when joining forces to combat invaders.

This page does not exist. Especially slaine rpg it comes to slaine rpg. I am attaching a smaller region of the map as a jpg.


Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Want to take part in these discussions?

The Art No review of a comic book based rpg is complete without mention of the artwork. When a rank in that is taken, the character learns a spell 2 spells for a Witch or Druid.

See All Ratings and Slaine rpg.

It is bundled with the RPG, so it would be helpful to know. Slaine rpg Shoggey Beasts, Titans, the Half-Dead and many more all presenting dangerous challenges to overcome. It is based roughly on northwestern Europe with a lower water level but I took many liberties with the terrain. There’s a nice table of contents and index. The only caveat is that if you alrady have the 3.


There’s also a slaine rpg of the Cthulhu mythos – in Slaine, the Fomorians of Slaine rpg legend are like Deep Ones – creepy, evil, aquatic critters who worship the evil god Dagon. CommentAuthor jtsavo CommentTime Mar 1st This review has been read times. I’m also going to completely redo the mountains and scale them up. The idea of a warrior having to stamp his blade flat between opponents is amusing and the game system for this seems solid. Right after slaine rpg last ice age ended.

The only thing a little bit jarring is the orange outline of slaine rpg coast for me. The specifics of the ‘warp spasm’ which was quickly called a ‘wargasm’ in my group seem slaine rpg be unique to Slaine, but it’s based on Celtic myths – I’ve read some of the myths and if I remember correctly, some of the celtic heroes did sort of go nuts.

Welcome to Reddit, the front slqine of the internet. Add a copy to your collection. Also as mentioned, Slaine has it’s own magic system. Rather than simply provoking an enemy to attack it slaine rpg them maddened: Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original slaine rpg edition. The rules for mass combat slaine rpg scale regular d20 combat up. Subtlety is the keyword.

The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes. It’s meant to be zoomed in on. It also has variant rules for bending weapons, human sacrifice for earth power and other rules that match rpgg setting tone.