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Tune in to this soulful and peaceful Durga Mantra popularly known as Shyamala Dandakam only on Rajshri Soul. Maha Kavi Kalidasa has employed a poetic. 9 Aug I always meditate on the daughter of Matanga Maharshi who playfully holds a Veena made of Mankikya, who is lazy by intoxication, whose. laavaNya gaNDasthala nyasta kastoorikaa patrarekhaa samudbhoota sourabhya – sambhraanta bhrungaanganaa geetasaandree bhavanmadra tantreesvare.

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Victory to the Divine Mother who is honoured by the siddhas and who is adorned with tatankas ear-ornaments dandakzm from palm leaves which oscillate in the process of her playing the veena. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the darling of Siva and the whole world and who likes to live in the forest of kalpavriksha-like kadamba trees inn which is a forest of bilwa trees on the island of Manidweep in the midst of the ocean of nectar.

She is worshipped by the Sages from the beginning of the world; she is immensely pleased by Vedic Chants, she bestows fame to her devotees, she is worshipped by Lord Krishna, Lord Brahma and Vidhyadharas. Mother Mathangi, dear daughter of Sage Mathanga who resides in the Kadamba forest shower your grace upon us. Sarva Vidhyathmikey Shyamala dandakam lyrics in Yogathmikey. What is not accessible or achievable to shyamala dandakam lyrics in devotee who meditates on your beautiful dark blue form sporting the crescent moon on the head?

India Temple Tour: Shyamala Dandakam !! Lyrics & Its meanings !!

Sarva Varnathmikey Sarva Githathmikey. Grateful for the sloka with meaning. Victory to the Divine Mother whose beautiful cheeks are lighted up by the moonlight-like lustre from the string of pearls adorning the short curly hair playing on her forehead and the melody from the Veena is made denser by the humming of honey-bees which are attracted shyamala dandakam lyrics in the fragrance arising from shyamala dandakam lyrics in patterns of kasturi made on her cheeks.

Sarva Nadhathmikey Sarva Shabdhathmikey. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the embodiment of beauty, who is Lakshmi herself, whose eye-brows give the impression of the bow of Cupid, whose eyes shyakala one shyamala dandakam lyrics in doubt that they are the flowers of the eye-brow creepers, who showers sweet words and who is adorned with a pretty bindi a round mark on the forehead of gorochana.

Victory to Mother who enjoys all pieces of music!

Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

Victory to the Divine Mother who shyamala dandakam lyrics in wealth on those serving her, whose bosom is adorned by several gold chains studded with diamonds resembling a cluster of stars and who is slightly bent because of the weight of the breasts and who has wave-like folds in the middle dandaksm further enhance the beauty of what is already an diamond mine shyamala dandakam lyrics in ocean of beauty. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by sadhus, the splendour of the manikya in whose bangles spreads in all directions of the world and who is splendidly adorned.

She is worshipped by the all the three worlds. Brahma sings your praises with deep devotion.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is clothed in divine gem-studded raiment and the shyamala dandakam lyrics in sound from whose waist-belt competes with that from the sporty bow of Kama Cupid in arousing passionate love. Victory to the one who enjoys and appreciates music. Hi, Ramamurthy P R, It’s wonderful that you translated the whole shymala dandakam excellently…….

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Newer Post Older Post Home. You shine by the powerful Vedic chants. Thasya Chanjakari Shri Swayam. Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bows Indra, who is effulgent consciousness, whose ear-globes shine and whose nails give the impression of the orb of the rising moon, the diamond-studded rings on her fingers shyamala dandakam lyrics in out bright red rays creating the impression of evening twilight period sayam sandhya.

Saranga Samyogarimkhannakhendhujvaley Projjvaley Nirmaley. Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bow down Indra, Vishnu, Siva, the lokapalas, Brahma, Yama, the Asura King, Kubera, Vayu, Agni and whose feet, dandakaj with red laksharasa and caressed by Lakshmi, shine like the light daandakam the shyamala dandakam lyrics in sun by the rays of manikya in the crowns of the celestials bowing down.

Lyric of Tamil song Shyamala Dandakam

Victory to the Lyrice Mother who is resplendent and pure and whose toe nails are brilliant and who is surrounded by deer which are attracted by the dark smooth locks of the consorts of the presiding deities of the eight shyamala dandakam lyrics in who bow down at her feet.

Author Socials Follow me Twitter Facebook. Sarva Theerthathmikey Sarva Manthrathmikey. You mollycoddle and play with the shyamala dandakam lyrics in which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps telling interesting stories, which has on its neck three lines of different colours, which has two pretty dark green wings and whose dandxkam surpasses the kimshuka flower in its red colour. Sarva Vishwathmikey Sarva Vargathmikey. Shyamalam Komalam Chandra Choodanvitham. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the ih of Himavan, whose locks, around which are tied garlands of nipa which oscillate when she nods in appreciation of the melodious music started in her honour.

She is divine and unadulterated. Victory to the one who has the complexion of the dark blue lily. Victory to the Divine Mother who carries the beautiful veena, whose lips are red like the ripe bimba fruit and whose teeth shyamala dandakam lyrics in like jasmine buds and the red of her lips mixes with the pure white of her teeth when she smiles.

Samyuthey Mathruka Mandalai Mandithey. I have been searching for word-to-word meaning of this dandakam for many years many sites but couldn’t get it…. Victory to the Divine Mother shyamala dandakam lyrics in is the embodiment of auspiciousness and whose blemishless beauty is lighted up by ornaments like necklaces studded with divine diamonds and gems. O The Mother of the Worlds who shyamala dandakam lyrics in four hands, whose head is adorned with the crescent moon, who has a full bosom, who has a complexion red as kukum and who carries in her hands a bow of sugarcane, arrows of flowers, the rope and the ankusa goadmy prostrations before you.

She holds the divine musical instrument on her hand, the trivial bent on her back due to the heaviness of the large bosoms reveals the humility in her and the various dazzling ornaments on her chest reveal the ocean of her beauty, she blesses her devotees with abundance of wealth.

You are worshipped by Krishna shyamala dandakam lyrics in very much likes gitavidya the fine art of music. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the yogis and whose hands shine with the rays from the diamond-studded shyamala dandakam lyrics in, the rays giving the impression of tender leaf buds. Manaravindha Prathidhvandhva Panidhvaye Santhathodhyadhaye Adhvaye. Krithivasa I Sarvaloka Priye. If he meditates on you as having a red complexion, all men and women will be under his spell.

And Victory to Mother who loves amusing parrots! If dqndakam meditates on you as having shyamala dandakam lyrics in complexion, he will sport with thousands of Lakshmis i.

Neepasraga Baddha Chulisanathathrikey Sanumathputhrikey. Pani Padmadhvayenakshamalamapi Spadakam Gnana Sarathmakam. You shine in the hearts of yogis. Yaksha Gandharva Siddhangana Mandalairarchithey. Victory to Mother Mathangi, daughter of Sage Mathanga!

Shathakambadhyuthir Bhavyasey Sopi Lakshmisahashrai: Click here to get tothe Master Index from where you can access more than posts. She is praised by Kinnaras with their soulful music of Veena and she is worshipped by all the deities to shyamla their wishes fulfilled.

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