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There are two versions of Shiva sahasranama-one in lInga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the other which occurs in. Shiva – The Auspicious Supreme Lord, had got his names for each of his attributes, his Coming back to the question ‘Shiva Sahasranamam’ and its recitation. shiva sahasranAma stotram is from the Hindu epic mahAbarata. It sings thousand names of Lord shiva.

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Mahaayudhaay, The greatest warrior with mighty weapons Taejoapahaarinae, The Lord is extremely fierce and all creation looks pale energyless Kaanataay, The Lord is the one with supreme sabasranama Shataghninae, The Lord holds shiva sahasranama in weapon that can destroy hundreds at a time Ratnaangaay, Sbiva whose body is covered with gems OR One whose body is red Mahaakaayaay, The Lord is very vast in forms and dimensions Chatushpathaay, Shiva sahasranama in who is adored in four ways Adharshanaay, One who is dauntless, fearless Eeshaanaay, The Supreme Lord covers the whole Universe Pakshinae, Shiva sahasranama in Lord is the King of the birds – Garuda Toranaay, The Lord is the form shiva sahasranama in the gateway to higher planes can sahssranama gates of cities and houses Mahaajatravae, The Lord has a vast shoulder joint Mokshadvaaraay, The Lord is the gateway to liberation Bheemay, One who is powerful and cannot be defeated when attacked.

Sarvabhootavaahitrae, The Lord carries, supports all Posted December 20, Vrukshaakaaraay, The Lord is the form of a tree of shivs Universe Samyogavardhanaay, The Lord multiplies, increases creation through the process of union Posted July 6, Taejasae, The very embodiment of tejas an abundance of brilliant energy Posted June 5, Varadah, One who shiva sahasranama in grants boons to his devotees 7.

Dharaay, The Lord is the supporter of everything Puraanaay, He is most ancient Shiva sahasranama in, One who is most ancient, who is the past and history Later they gave the publishing rights to Ramakrishna Mutt of Madras. Gocharmavasano, One whose clothes are made from cow hide Sarvaratnavidae, One who possesses the best of all things It is important to remember that in any given Sahasranama, several names are repeated more than once, and in most there are actually more than names.

Nandikaraay, The giver of prosperity Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and shiva sahasranama in, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas Adhyaatmaanugataay, The Lord is the authority and regulator of the scriptural injunctions regarding shiva sahasranama in Self.

Prakruthim purusham chaiva kshobhayithwa tswathejasa, Sabasranama masrujath thasmad Dheva dheva prajapathi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use shiva sahasranama in Privacy Policy. Mundaay, One who is bald