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Robert J. Ringer (born ) is an American entrepreneur, motivational and political speaker, and author of several best-selling personal-development and political books. Contents. [hide]. 1 Writings; 2 Works; 3 References; 4 External links. Writings[edit]. His first book, Winning Through Intimidation, was published in 22 Feb Not surprisingly, it was the same old claptrap stuff the media has said about Winning Through Intimidation for years. You can read the full article. Winning Through Intimidation by Robert J. Ringer. The Theory of Reality: Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be, or the way they appear to be, but the way.

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By being better prepared you are able to come armed for success.

Ringer teaches us, giving true examples from his own experience, how to recognize when others are trying to intimidate us and how to protect ourselves. You are happy when you are confident and you are confident when you are prepared.

Try robert ringer winning through intimidation avoid looking legal and attracting the attention of the Deal-Killing Attorney. Connect and select contacts. I want Trump negotiating in behalf of America. In the real world, they’re almost guaranteed to try to bite off your hand along intimidatiion your money.

I found his description of the Discouragement Fraternity fascinating because I’ve run into winhing and bought some of their baloney — “Oh, it’s so hard to make a living in the field of your choice, competition is very stiff, don’t even try.

Since the World Series of Poker last year, I’ve played hours of poker. It’s impossible to put into words how understanding this idea of rinher intimidated or not being intimidated can affect your life greatly. Be fanatical about execution.

Overall, there robert ringer winning through intimidation a lot of pages I could have skipped over, but you pick up enough that it is a worthwhile read if you have an interest in real estate or work in a career like sales, purchasing or private equity where you are constantly negotiating with a brokers, sellers and buyers. But that’s the attraction I have to Dr. In other words, be prepared to make the sale if it possibly can be made, but assume it won’t.

Hot air and pressure from the boss notwithstanding.

Winning Through Intimidation

At least, I think that’s what it is, Thrrough only halfway through. You MUST take matters into your own hands and move swiftly once you smell victory. According to Ringer, unless a person will benefit robert ringer winning through intimidation from your earning and receiving income, there are three types of people that you deal with in business: I don’t believe that there’s any “business freedom” left anywhere in the developed world.

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Robert Ringer – Wikipedia

The fact that the book is so outdated leads to one of the more interesting though unintentional aspects of the book, for me. Biggest take away for me forget if it was in this work or “Looking Out for 1” was robert ringer winning through intimidation advice: Your first post looks great!

In order to ensure he was paid, Ringer learned procedures to protect himself, including getting signed contracts, using certified mail for correspondence, getting the proper real estate licenses in the states where he was brokering real estate transactions, and getting his own attorney to represent him at the closing. I will be carefully re-reading this book, buying my own copy, and sharing it with others.

The longer a person fiddles around with something, the greater the odds that the result will be negative. Not so useful to me since I’ve read on the robert ringer winning through intimidation plenty recently, but still a pleasant enough refresher.

February 22, at 6: He was the guy you wanted to send to Washington to kick ass. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We respect your email privacy. Time is always against you when trying to make a deal—any kind robert ringer winning through intimidation deal. I know that typically the politician who usually promises the most, regardless of what it does to the constitution or our freedoms, is the victor, since some “sheeple” only care for what’s in it for them, not for what’s for the good of the country.

Trump alerted all his potential opponents and enemies to his intentions, they are obviously forming alliances against him already and they are mobilizing very early on against him.

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