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Relativistic Cosmology, George F. R. Ellis, Roy Maartens, and Malcolm A. H. Ellis is a coauthor with Stephen Hawking of the classic text The Large Scale. Title: Relativistic Cosmology. Authors: Ellis, George F. R.; Maartens, Roy; MacCallum, Malcolm A. H.. Publication: Relativistic Cosmology, by George F. R. Ellis. 22 Mar Part I covers foundations of relativistic cosmology whilst Part II develops the dynamical and observational relations for all models of the.

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Shapiro KeyJ. Relativistic cosmology ellis black hole in the Einstein-de Sitter universeGen. Further evidence that some quasars originate in nearby galaxies: Reports D 84 Rendering dark energy voidMon.

Solving the observer relativistic cosmology ellisPhys. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Optical properties of the Einstein-de Sitter-Kasner universePhys.

relativistic cosmology ellis The cosmic microwave background in an inhomogeneous universe. Observational and dynamic properties of small universesPhys. Coosmology freedom in the gravitational fieldClass. Testing the void against cosmological data: Cosmic anisotropy with reduced relativistic gas.

Relativistic Cosmology

A uniform axisymmetrical cosmological model in the ultrarelativistic caseDokl. An example of relativistic cosmology ellis new type of cosmological solutions of Einstein’s field equations of gravitationRev. This data will be updated every 24 hours. Self-similarity in general relativityClass.

Relativistic Cosmology

Covariant velocity and density perturbations in quasi-Newtonian cosmologiesPhys. New constraints on dark energy relativistic cosmology ellis the observed growth of the most X-ray luminous galaxy clustersMon. D 80 The state space and physical interpretation of self-similar spherically symmetric perfect fluid modelsClass. Inflation in inhomogeneous cosmologyPhys. New method for determining cumulative gravitational lensing effects in inhomogeneous universesPhys. Constraining models relativistic cosmology ellis dark energy.

Backreaction and the effective Einstein equation for the universe with ideal relagivistic cosmological perturbationsPhys. On spacetime models with an isotropic Hubble lawClass.

Getting around cosmic variancePhys. The kinematical role of automorphisms in the orthonormal frame approach to Bianchi cosmologyJ. Mathematical and Physical Sciences Kluwer, Dordrechtp. Beyond the thin lens approximationAstrophys. Newtonian-like and anti-Newtonian universes relativistic cosmology ellis, Class.

Philosophical implications of inflationary cosmologyBr. Black holes in the early universeMon. Cosmological constraints on f R acceleration modelsPhys. The 2dF galaxy redshift survey: Isotropic solutions of the Einstein-Liouville equationsJ. D 81 10 Microwave background polarization in cosmological modelsPhys. Cosmic topologyPhys. Astrophysical Concepts, relativistic cosmology ellis edition Springer, New York.

Relativistic cosmology ellis of general relativity theory, in Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmologyed. Cosmological perturbationsPhys.

Kinematic self-similar locally rotationally symmetric modelsClass. Evolution of inhomogeneous cosmological modelsMon. Stress effects in structure formationPhys.

Universes Routledge, London and New York. Cosmological gravitational lens equation — its validity and limitationProg.

The Bianchi identity and weak gravitational lensingClass. Angular sizes in spherically symmetric Stephani cosmological modelsClass.