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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden) by Julie Kagawa Paperback $ In Stock. . You know how some stories stay with you even after you read the final word?. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 8 Up-In Kagawa’s postapocalyptic dystopia, . Read this epic dystopian tale about what it means to survive and what it means to be human. For even vampires were human once. This was. 27 Jul The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where humanity has been ravaged by a virus, called the “Red.

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The Immortal Rules Book Series: I would have enjoyed some adult content between Allie and Zeke very much.

Also, not completely strong, she has a soft spot, especially reav strays. I’d think something, and a second later, she’d think the same thing.

She’s such a caring and compassionate person who always looks out for others before herself. Just fitting in with the vampy theme?

Wielding that Katina and being able to defend herself was just so much fun to read. But most of the fey series fans who have read this book love it, so it may read the immortal rules by julie kagawa be me. What I love about Julie Kawaga’s writing styles in all her kagada is the characters she makes up.

The way she painted each of the characters very different from The Iron Fey series yet unique and praised worthy.

A Kiss in the Dark. Allison was a strong, but imperfect female lead.

Blood of Eden (series)

But when she is forced to escape the town at the cost of her own life, she meets a group of people led by Jeb, and she is forced to iulie careful not to be discovered It’s an experience everyone should get to read about and I hope they do. I really have no love for them.

The world was cold, unforgiving, and people died.

My Thoughts First off, this book is dark, people. The Immortal Rules is the first book in this new series and I am looking forward to the remaining books! View all 9 comments. This book is over pages, but it is an effortless read. In fact, one of the major selling points of this book is that she didn’t ; however, the story she has to tell, and her protagonists, were compelling.

We are vampires, we are powerful, we are kick ass, and we are going to take over your world!!!! Julie Kagawa, I am in love with you.

He gives all that he has to others and even after he knows what Allie is, he comes back for her and is still willing to do whatever is necessary to save her. She will always choose to live, but at what cost will she pay to stay? I wanted to know more about how they function, about the vampires and the humans read the immortal rules by julie kagawa chose to live among them. I loved Allie for her realistic approach to her life, and boy did this chick have some bite I’m not sure if I intended this pun or not, hmmm This is the first sentence of The Immortal Rules: We welcome guest posts and our book review policy can be found here.

We hide in their midst and walk among them, but we are forever read the immortal rules by julie kagawa. I don’t know whether vampires exist, or if our future will be anything like the world shown in this book, but it was all very convincing. She has a fierce hatred for these soulless creatures who put humans on registers and feed off them at read the immortal rules by julie kagawa humans designated time. The gritty, dystopian and vampire-run world that she introduced me to felt so real.

The questions-of-humanity theme runs deep throughout.

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) read online free by Julie Kagawa

Humans were capable of far, far worse. Read the immortal rules by julie kagawa looked out for everyone and cared for them. However, Allison and Kanin get separated. She was smart, strong, brave and occasionally a wise-ass which made her funny at times.

Accidentally or as a conscious, deliberate act. The Immortal Rules just proves to me that Julie Kagawa can write anything she sets her mind to. Desperate to survive, Allie chooses “life”, and now has to learn to live with her “dead” herself.

When I started The Immortal RulesI really expected a story that would amaze me with its world-building, its characterization, and the “Us Vs. Vampires offer sanctuary, at the price of your own blood and following their rules.

Like all of Ms. That was the case here. He could be sexier? Accidentally or as a conscious, deliberate act, it is unavoidable. Are you one of those people read the immortal rules by julie kagawa are tired of reading the same type of vampire books over and over again?

In Dawn of Eden we are introduced to how the apocalypse came to bewe can see what happened and why the world is the way it is in The Immortal Rulesalso I think that it gives us a better understanding of the rabid vampires. One, I’m a book cover lover But honestly, I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone at this point.

Book Review: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Following the blood tie, Allie encounters her brother Jackal who wishes to join her in helping to save their creator in Washington D. Humans exist as “pets” and must donate blood. While I did like the Iron Fey series and on a side note, the opening chapter of the spin-off series was tantalizing – damn you Harlequin! Recommended to Steph by: Thosewere fantastic. Read the immortal rules by julie kagawa was getting major Underworld vibes from Allison and it was awesome.

Allie crushes the soldiers whilst nearly killing Stick before Zeke calms her down and reminds Allie of who she truly is.