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12 Oct Quentin Meillassoux, After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency, Continuum, , pp., $ (hbk), ISBN It is there that what lies beyond finitude is deployed for contemporary thinkers. It would be no exaggeration to say that Quentin Meillassoux has opened up a new . In his extraordinary text After Finitude, Meillassoux makes the strong claim that all post-Kantian philosophy has been dominated by what he calls “correlationism.

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Probability however does not necessarily require the presupposition of the absence of ontological consistency behind that which is being calculated probabilistically. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. Continental philosophy Speculative realism.

I’d also like to note that since the ebook version of this book I was reading didn’t have page numbers, it brought a slightly different perspective on the questions of finitude and infinitude that book raises.

The ancestral fossil is one which predates the existence of the given of human consciousness, as such it acts as a profound threat to a position founded in the necessity of this consciousness. If you do not quentin meillassoux after finitude time to read the book then I hope these notes are clear enough to give you a solid enough background to the text as to be useful and thought quentin meillassoux after finitude. For Hume, there is no causal necessity, only habitual projection of stable phenomena p.

The speculative approach says that the thing in-itself is quentin meillassoux after finitude other than the facticity of the transcendental form of representation.

Notes from ‘After Finitude’ by Quentin Meillassoux | Avoiding/the\Void

QM ends his thesis by stating: Equipped with the ontological consequences of the Cantorean axiomatic, the author engages in a philosophical argumentation that, at times, as he himself quentin meillassoux after finitude, borders on quentin meillassoux after finitude his exposition at times looks like a contemporary adaptation of Platonic dialogics, in which the conceptual persona of the philosopher dismantles the adversary with the same tools the latter has employed in his refutations of the former.

It is a matter of holding fast to the Cartesian thesis — according to which whatever can be mathematized can be rendered absolute — without re-activating the principle of reason. Apr 27, Hind rated it really liked it Shelves: What makes those counterfactuals true?

It allows the destiny of thought to be the absolute once more.

After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency

But how, then, to account for the rise of those sentient beings in the first place? True the given may be present at some point or quentin meillassoux after finitude in the manifest, but this is not to say that it would be present at those points meillassous it is not correlated with the manifest. Meillassoux is associated with the speculative realism movement.

You could however make a funny story about how he wants to make something really big out of Hume’s idea of a ‘deus ex machina’-like intellectual principle see Hume section VII on necessary connections, the sentence with note 4 in contradistinction to any Divine Principle – I really like that idea, quentin meillassoux after finitude I don’t really know what to do with it since such an empirically surprising story would be in contradiction with anything rationalist from that age.

QM points out that we cannot take contingency empirically as precariousness, of quentkn perishability that is bound to occur. From Wikipedia, the quentin meillassoux after finitude encyclopedia. Whether you agree with the younger Meillassoux’s philosophy or not, you must agree that he is an excellent writer.

Quentin Meillassoux – Wikipedia

The totalization of the thinkable can no longer be guaranteed a priori — the conceivable is not necessarily totalizable by the detotalization of number.

Therefore, light waves could be taken as the reason behind the appearance of red, and red appears precisely to the extent that perception is insensible to the reason for its appearance. It is a truly philosophical work in that it develops the original idea of a speculative materialism with uncompromising passion and great consistency. It will not only be an unavoidable point of reference for those working on the question of finitude, but also for those whose work deals with political theology, and the status of the religious turn of philosophy.

Thus with Heidegger and Wittgenstein we have an end to the possibility of the principle of reason legitimating claims to know the absolute. Brassier translates Apres la finitude, which was published in by Editions du Seuil.

This might be the only book that I will quentin meillassoux after finitude re-reading right after having finished it. Sep 14, the gift rated it it was ok Shelves: Meillassoux performs the seemingly impossible task of resurrecting the stance of science and the absolute in ph Fihitude best review I can give a philosophy book is that it ripped a few quebtin my assumptions about the universe to shreds – and I enjoyed every second of it.

Every quentin meillassoux after finitude in a while it’s nice to let a quentin meillassoux after finitude book kick the shit out of me. No trivia or quizzes yet. But this really leaves us with quentin meillassoux after finitude meillasssoux problem which would be, how do we determine the relationship between this foundational hyper chaos and appearance.

A self consistent correlationist could not commit themselves to aftrr a proposition and remain quentin meillassoux after finitude correlationist given that this would necessitate contravening precisely that quality of the correlation which is characteristic of it, that is its inherent finitude.

Fideism is merely another name for strong correlationism.

Quentin Meillassoux deserves our close attention in the quentin meillassoux after finitude to come and his book deserves rapid translation and widespread discussion in the English-speaking world. This is because facticity is not just a meillasssoux in the world it is not a fact that things are factualit is an absolute necessity that factual things exist.


Meillassoux’s postulates, therefore, aim to break with those of what he refers to as correlationism: Internal ontological necessity could be said to be at least an implicit metaphysical presumption quentin meillassoux after finitude probabilism. In spite of the absence of resolution to the absolutization of mathematics, the book succeeds in articulating the problematic and in mapping a new field of inquiry.

Thus what is mathematizable cannot be reduced to a correlate of thought p.

It is also difficult to observe the barely contained, almost visceral hatred of Kant that breaks through every now and again. Badiou reveals the mathematical conceivability of the detotalization of being qua being, thus using mathematics to escape from calculative reason.

To the contrary, probabilistic calculation only has value to the extent that the known factors located within a given system can be pinned onto an ontologically consistent context which facilitates the appearance of that particular system. Apparently the quentin meillassoux after finitude and his colleagues are completely unaware of any analytic philosophy since aboutand think that it can be covered with brief references quentin meillassoux after finitude “positivism” and a short discussion of one remark from the Tractatus.

A good example of this is an interesting one used by Bergson, that is, to see the colour red as such, to register it as the flowing of a series of light waves, would require 25, years, I’m not sure what to time frame of the initial exposure was but if we saw red as a series of light waves, then we would cease to see red as the colour red, but additionally, we would subsequently quentin meillassoux after finitude presented with the question of what these light waves are finally.

Which led Kant to turn correlational knowledge into only philosophically legitimate forms of knowledge.