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Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis & Predictive Maintenance Newnes r THIS BOOK WAS DEVELOPED BY IDC TECHNOLOGIES WHO ARE WE?. Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance. Paresh Girdhar BEng (Mech. Eng), Girdharand Associates. Edited by. C. Scheffer PhD. The course is concluded by a review of the other techniques of predictive maintenance such as oil and particle analysis, ultrasound and infrared thermography.

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This technique is used for viewing transients, such as coastdowns or random excitations that may be required during stress analysis studies. The voltage reading is recorded and plotted at each increment. The graph obtained for the specified range should be linear. Current data are compared to baseline data practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance analysis and also trended to show vibration changes over a period of time.

This is an important consideration when selecting a velocity pickup for a rotating machine application. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating….

It is very important that the management supports the maintenance department by providing the necessary equipment along with adequate training for the personnel. They assist in vibration analysis.

The user can subsequently download this data to the host computer. Thus, it is at the bearings where the best signals for condition monitoring can be measured and hence these are generally the vibrattion positions for vibration measurements.

Full text of “Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis And Predictive Maintenance Paresh Girdhar”

The general purpose equipment are broadly selected on the following practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance It allows for some lead-time to purchase parts for the necessary repair work and thus reducing the need for a large inventory of spares. The phase difference obtained is F-V frequency to voltage converted at high speeds and processed using frequency calculations to determine the torsional vibration. Finally, all rule violations are combined to produce a probability that the diagnosis is correct.

These are expensive systems. It is very important to note that filtering has to occur before digitisation of the analog commences.

This would force the data to zero at the start and end of the time sample, and thus some information is lost in the waveform. Therefore, anaylsis data must be downloaded to the computer to form a history and long-term machinery information database for comparison and trending. Practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance tendency led to an evolved kind of maintenance called proactive maintenance. The implication is that equipment repairs can be planned to commence during normal machine shutdowns, rather than after a machine failure has caused unscheduled downtime.

Advantages Performs continuous, online monitoring of critical machinery. Also, replacement or removal of the accelerometer is more difficult than with any other attachment method. This phenomenon of formation of a lower-frequency wave due to undersampling is called aliasing. The charge produced by the piezoelectric crystal pradtical proportional to the varying vibratory force.

Data acquisition Introduction The topics discussed in the previous sections were theoretical in nature, introducing the basics of vibration.

Practical Machinery Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Predictive M

Frequency domain is the domain where amplitudes are shown as series of sine and cosine waves. The latest approaches and equipment used together with current research amalysis in vibration analysis are also highlighted in the course.

Power and Water Utility…. All of these aspects lead to a substantial increase in production capacity. It is generally observed that manufacturers embarking upon a predictive maintenance program become more aware of the specific equipment problems and subsequently try to identify the root causes of failures. Since it is a representation vs time, maintenaance X-axis will be the time scale of 1 s. This is measured with the phase difference between the upstream and downstream locations of a power transmission in a manner similar to the detection practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance torsional vibration amalysis discussed earlier.

A force tries to bring about a change in this state of rest or motion, which is resisted by the mass. However, this is not the case in many situations.

In addition, the software helps to determine a route for data collection. Trending vibration levels can also identify improper practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance practices, such as using equipment beyond their design specifications higher temperatures, speeds or loads.

Signal processing, applications and representations 67 4. For most applications, the best solution actually means processing the data in a number of different ways. As mentioned above, the combined effects to restrain the effect of forces due to mass, stiffness and damping determine how a system will respond to the given external force.

Oil and Particle Analysis 7. Vibration analysis is used primarily on rotating equipment such as steam and gas turbines, pumps, motors, compressors, paper machines, rolling mills, machine tools and practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance. They must be configured for individual requirements. In this way, two triggers will be generated per revolution, and the analyzer will trigger at the 2x rpm and consequently the phase reading will be at 2x rpm.

H Data collection Data collection.

We will take a brief look at the processing of the signals, which finally provide us with the necessary information for condition monitoring.

API standards have developed limits for casing as well as shaft vibrations Figure 2.

Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Presently, the predictive and proactive maintenance philosophies are the most popular. For example, the FFT spectrums of an unbalanced and a bent shaft may seem alike. This is a practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance effective technique to determine the operational problems in equipment.

Expert knowledge and experience – of the course topic 2. With offices conveniently located worldwide, IDC Technologies has an enthusiastic team of professional engineers, technicians and support staff jaintenance are committed to providing the highest quality of training and consultancy.