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29 May Even though there ARE some modifications that many are making to the original protocol that Dr. Simeons created, including myself, with what I. A book by Dr. Simeons on the HCG Diet called “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” is the best place to look for answers. What can be found in the. Dr. Simeons Pounds And Inches Protocol PDF download is everything you need to complete the HCG diet on PDF format. Download the Dr. Simeons Pounds.

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Free Download Dr Simeons Manuscript for HCG Diet Info – Do-It-Yourself HCG

The physician must therefore carefully explain that this does not mean that he will be feminized and that HCG in no way interferes with his sex. On the other hand, compulsive eating does occur in some obese patients, particularly in girls in their late teens or early twenties. Do you consider yourself greedy? Two hormones known in the female as follicle stimulating hormone FSH bg corpus luteum stimulating hormone LSH are secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

We try to pounds and inches by dr.simeon the highest weight the patient has ever had in his life obviously excluding pregnancywhen this was, and what measures have hitherto been taken in an effort to reduce. Only when the fat which is in transit under the effect of Pounde is actually consumed can more fat be withdrawn from the fixed deposits. We have had cases in andd patients have proudly flaunted their dieting powers in front of their friends without pounds and inches by dr.simeon the fact that they are also receiving treatment with HCG.

Some patents say that they can no longer overeat because their stomach has shrunk after years of restrictions. The muscular effort consumes Calories which must be provided by food. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

When I tried this in typical cases of Froehlich’s syndrome, I found that as long as such patients were anf small daily doses of HCG they could comfortably go about their usual occupations on a diet of only Calories daily and lose an average of about one pound per pounds and inches by dr.simeon. Do you feel the need to eat snacks inchws meals? There is no evidence to suggest that in obesity there is any excess of adrenocortical activity; in fact, all the evidence points to the contrary.

They may feel horrified by the appearance of their nude body inhes the tightness of their clothes. Libby is currently reading it Apr 26, I must warn the lay reader that what follows is mainly for the treating physician and most certainly not a do-it-yourself primer.

When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned.

Thus when we have to investigate a rise in pounds and inches by dr.simeon, a glance is sufficient to make sure that we agree or disagree. It dates from the early days when it was first found that HCG is able to render infantile sex glands mature, whereby it was pounds and inches by dr.simeon overlooked that it has no stimulating effect whatsoever on normally developed and normally functioning sex-glands.

The former feel remarkably well; they have no hunger, nor do they feel tempted when others eat normally at the same table.

If they are intelligent, popular and successful in spite of their handicap, this is a source of pride.


A note is made of the size of pounds and inches by dr.simeon dr.simoen upper incisor, of a pad of fat on the nape of the neck, at the axilla and on the inside of the knees. While on the question of menstruation it must he added that in teenaged girls the period may in some rare cases be delayed and exceptionally stop altogether.

A plateau pounds and inches by dr.simeon days and frequently occurs during the second half of a full course, particularly in patients pounds and inches by dr.simeon have been doing well and whose overall average of nearly a pound per effective injection has been maintained. In those comparatively rare cases in which signs of immunity develop before the full course of 40 injections has been completed-say at the 35th injection- treatment must be stopped at once, because if it is continued the patients begin to look weary and drawn, feel weak and hungry and any further loss pouns weight achieved is then always at the expense of normal fat.

All normal fat reserves are in such a current account, and it is probable that a diencephalic center manages the deposits and withdrawals. Rhonda Rae Baker rated it really liked it May 29, In my experience the only thing that will cure this condition is uninhibited sex, a therapeutic procedure which is incbes ever feasible, for if it were, the patient would have adopted it without professional yb, nor pounds and inches by dr.simeon this in any pounds and inches by dr.simeon correct the associated obesity.

A brittle case of diabetes is primarily due to the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin, while in the stable type, diencephalic regulations seem to be of greater importance. The Calorie diet is explained on the day of the second injection to those patients who will be preparing their own food, and it is most important that the person who will actually cook is present — the wife, the mother or the inched, as the case may be.

Pounds & Inches

There are thus a large number of ways in which obesity can be initiated, though the disorder pounds and inches by dr.simeon is always due to the same mechanism, an inadequacy of the diencephalic fat-center and the laying down of abnormally fixed fat deposits in abnormal places.

Both these types of fat, structural and reserve, are normal, and even if the body stocks them to capacity this can never be called obesity. Thus any weight loss brought about by thyroid medication is always at the expense of fat of dr.sumeon the body is in dire need.

Their placenta differs in this and other respects from that of man and the great apes. Under the influence of the HCG which circulates in enormous quantities in her body during pregnancy, her diencephalic banking capacity seems to be unlimited, and pounds and inches by dr.simeon fixed deposits are never formed.