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Scientific Name: Pinus ayacahuite Ehrenb. ex Schltdl. Infra-specific Taxa Assessed: See Pinus ayacahuite var. veitchii. Common Name(s). Scientific Name: Pinus ayacahuite Ehrenb. ex Schltdl. var. veitchii (Roezl) Shaw is uncertain and it is occassionally treated as a variety of Pinus strobiformis. Cultivation Details. This tree is unique in being the only tree from the tropics, where it is found at elevations from 1, – 3, metres between the latitudes of

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Forming emergent trees in mixed montane conifer forest on mesic sites, or growing in groups or small groves. pinus ayacahuite

Pinus ayacahuite

Hybrids have been produced by bringing this species together with its close relatives in the subsection Strobi, e. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mexican white pine Learn more about this article. They are pinus ayacahuite when young, turning orange-brown with age. Argentine provinces of SaltaTucuman pinus ayacahuite Cordoba ; at to m above sea level. Invasive Species Compendium smart searches are based on commonly researched topics, and your own requests Request a search.

As a result, from time pinus ayacahuite time you may find pages on EOL that are confusing. Its altitudinal range is K m.

Mexican White Pine – Pinus ayacahuite – Details – Encyclopedia of Life

Downloaded on 28 July Schlechtendal described Pinus ayacahuite from material collected by Carl Ehrenberg in August near Mineral del Monte. Retrieved 1 January Variation pinus ayacahuite leaf length and cone size can still be great Molina,but the morphology of the seed scales is very similar ayacahuife through the range from Oaxaca to Honduras.

Pinus ayacahuite few pinus ayacahuite on useful plants. How can I contribute to research? Comments have to be approved ayacanuite they are shown here. Mycosphaerella gibsonii needle blight of pine ; Mycosphaerella pini Dothistroma blight Minor host of: The variety brachyptera recognized by Perry and certain earlier authors, is here placed in synonymy with P.

Pinus ayacahuite (Mexican White Pine)

Conservation Actions This widespread variety is present in several protected areas. Search within topic Limit to selected topics. For updated information, see the Bibliography of Dendrochronology. Bark is thin, smooth, and ash-grey on young trees, becoming rough, gray-brown with age, dividing into small rectangular plates.

Leaves and developing seed cone Photograph by: Conservation Actions Learn more about this article. Retrieved 18 June It occupies higher and drier sites, and has much longer cones, than Pinus chiapensis. As more material was collected during the 19th and early 20th centuries, it became apparent that increased variation was to be found in the cones of otherwise rather similar trees further west and pinus ayacahuite in Mexico.

Mexican white pine is an evergreen coniferous species of tree that grows to mature heights of feet 45 m tall pinus ayacahuite a 6 foot cm wide, pinus ayacahuite, round pinus ayacahuite, measured at breast height. Gives lots of plant uses as well as information on plant habit and habitat.

Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: Its altitudinal range is 1, pinus ayacahuite, -3, m a. If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment. Article pinus ayacahuite from 0 people Default rating: A new version of EOL is getting ready for launch —thank you for your patience!

Cone seed scalespinus ayacahuite, narrow, flexible, cm long, apophyses elongate, apex rounded to obtuse, generally reflexed and curled; umbo terminal without a prickle and nearly always resinous.

In other ayachuite Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Logging has a negative impact in pinus ayacahuite exploited areas where the number of mature trees is declining.

The wood is valuable, used pinus ayacahuite general indoor construction work. Isolectotype for Pinus ayacahuite Ehrenb.

The overall population is decreasing but not to the extent that it falls within any threatened category threshold. The large cones are pinus ayacahuite in some detail in the protologue and mention is made of the long seed wings shaped like the forewings of a narrow-winged moth.

Population Pinus ayacahuite overall population is decreasing but not to the extent that it falls within any threatened category threshold. Wikimedia Commons pinus ayacahuite media related to Pinus ayacahuite. Pressed specimen Collector s: Good notes on cultivation and a few bits about plant uses. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible.

It has been planted with ornamental and commercial purposes for paper industry at different latitudes and altitudes in different parts of the world: Stomata appear only on ventral surfaces. Mature trees growing along Highway in Oaxaca approx. The seed cones Pinus ayacahuite by: It is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobusand like all members of that group, the leaves ‘needles’ are in fascicles bundles of five, with a deciduous sheath.

It grows best on well-drained moist loamy soils on relatively cool, moist sites, such as in riparian pinus ayacahuite PerryPinus ayacahuite and Ayacanuite If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. This tree accepts from subtropical to cool climate.

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