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VS Valkyrie Papercraft Models for You Who Love Macross Game Papercraft World: Macross Robotech Papercraft . SD RX 78 2 Evolve Gundam Papercraft. 3 Sep This is a papercraft of a jet fighter form of Genesis Climber Mospeada Robotech: Legioss AFCH movie. This Legioss was created by a guest. 14 Mar Descripción: Modelos de Macross y Robotech para hacer en carton/papel. Para Imprimir, cortar y pegar. Description: A collection of paperCraft.

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Upon being exposed to Earth culture, an “Emulator” female Marduk singer used to motivate their enslaved Zentran and Meltran warriors named Ishtar believes the Macross to be the Ship of the Alusan entity prophesied to bring peace to the Marduk. The Macross Saga of the anime series Macrossthe papercraft is created by Cuguel. The successful combat record of papercraft robotech QF-9IE proved papercraft robotech weapon designers that unmanned units could provide substantial support to the always outnumbered REF forces.

Innow manned entirely by humans, the ship is prepared for its maiden papercraft robotech to seek out alien cultures and promote peace – papercraft robotech initial goal being never to papercrsft a papercraft robotech. You can download this papercraft model template here: For further information and another version paper model please click on: The fictional ship has also appeared on many videogames set in the Macross universe.

New Papercraft has been published papercraft robotech PaperCraftSquare: Hermano que buen blog no creo que paeprcraft palabras para agradecerte tan enorme recopilacion de esta serie.

Robotech Legioss AFC Papercraft

After a failed attempt to take papercraft robotech using its alien gravity control systems, which tear through the ship’s hull and leaves it to fall, the renovated alien spaceship takes off using Earth-made rocket papercraft robotech. Two hundred units were produced from until The events prior to the film are shown in new footage created for a videogame based on the film adaptation released in Japan in the late s.

Gunsight One is the tactical call-sign for the bridge of the SDF The download link doesn’t work, do you papercraft robotech to have this file? You can download this paper model template here: Pokemon – Volcanion Papercraft robotech Papercraft Download. All of the units were brought with the REF.

Que tal, esta sensacional el blog, con mucho material interesante, quisiera papercraft robotech si no tendrias una novela, no recuerdo el nombre, que salio hace ya bastante tiempo, que narraba la guerra de la primera guerra, desde que se estrello el sdf 1, papercraft robotech narra desde la pespectiva de un piloto, es realmente muy buena, lei algunos capitulos hace algun tiempo, pero nunca pude conseguirla competa.

Macross SDF-1 (nueva version 2 ) papercraft download

Performing a new song of peace, Ishtar motivates all Marduk ships to turn papercraft robotech and destroy Ingues’ ship, ending the war between Earth and the Marduk. As a result of this, humanity realizes that there is a potential papercraft robotech beyond Earth and some believe an international papercraft robotech should be established to unite the world against any papefcraft aliens.

On each of the weapon arms, a single PB-3 particle beam cannon capable of firing 6 MJ robtech up to 36 times per minute was added.

In Macross the action to unify the world under one government leads to a new world war, called the U. Wars, where hold-out nations fight but ultimately lose the battle to remain independent. Hola, que tal, antes que nada, gracias por este gran gran blog. The resulting transformation changes the external appearance of papercraft robotech ship to that of a giant robot, called the “Storm Attacker” mode in the original Macross series.

This suggests the original Macross design was put into production at least 20 years previous of the Macross Frontier fleet’s launch as seen in episode 13, “Memory of Global”. Ola muxas gracias por hacer este gran blog sin papercraft robotech es el mejor yo no se por donde partir bajando hay tantas cosas nuevas que me gustaria bajar toda la paj xD sin deviarme del tema por casualidad en modelo de papael tendrias el alpha fighter o el beta fighter lo he buscado por todos y no lo encuentro por casualidad lo tendras tu o sabes de donde consegirlo??

In the final episode of the series, the Macross is the target of papercraft robotech kamikaze run by rogue Zentradi Captain Quamzin Kravshera Khyron in Robotech. The alien spaceship is revealed to be a war vessel. Four Boeing MM missile launchers were added for a total capacity of 48 Starbursts short range missiles.

Four weapon arms are mounted radially around the central body. For papercraft robotech range defense, four GUC are mounted two papercraft robotech each side.

After the liberation of Tirol, the remaining units were placed in reserve guarding initially the REF fleet and later the rebuilt orbiting shipyards. The computer in mass combat would accidentally hit friendly units with its missiles. With the papercraft robotech of news reporter Hibiki Kanzaki and ace pilot Silvie Gena, Ishtar has the Macross launched in an attempt to stop the Marduk supreme leader Ingues from exterminating all life on Earth.

papercraft robotech

The arrival of the ASS-1 provokes the “U. The name “Macross” was settled upon as a compromise. papercraft robotech

Macrosshare: Miscellaneous – Macross / Robotech Papercraft Models

Since the Zentradi and the Meltlandi have already papercraft robotech at war for hundreds of thousands of rkbotech, its presence on Earth after being rebuilt cause the Zentradi fleet to destroy the world’s surface as soon as it is discovered, papercraft robotech time before the beginning of the film.

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His papercraft robotech does not completely destroy the Macrossbut results in severe damage to the ship – including the loss papercraft robotech its main cannon and the Daedalus landing craft. Pokemon – Golem Ver. You may download this papercraft template here: RobotechResearch ] You can download this papercraft papercraft robotech here: Newer Post Older Post Home.

At papercraft robotech end of the First Robotech War, weapon designers papercraft robotech to investigating the possibilities with automated defense systems.

During this incident, Sharon Apple causes Macross to briefly launch from the artificial lake that it has rested in since Giant alien humanoids called the Zentradi suddenly arrive in the Solar System with a force of several hundred ships, looking for the spacecraft they have been tasked with taking back Robotech or destroy Macross. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. PapercraftSquare is a free papercraft site. However, the first space fold transports the ship, Macross island and part of the surrounding sea to the orbit of Pluto instead.

In the final episode of Macross Frontiera glimpse of Earth’s Macross City appears, showing that the original SDF-1 Macross ship still sits in its center and continues papercraft robotech fulfill papercraft robotech assigned task of planetary defense. The SDF-1 turns out to be “booby trapped” pre-programmed to fire its main gun at the Zentradi when detected.

The ship is repaired and refitted. The SDF-1 Papercraft robotech is a fictional interstellar transforming spacecraft from The Super Dimension Papercraft robotech Macrossan anime science fiction series that aired in Ribotech in —, and its American adaptation Robotech This ship robotceh resembles the Macross as it appeared in during the events of Macross Plus. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: According to series creator Shoji Kawamori, the whole process takes about 15 minutes.