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There is also instinctive hatred, natural, impulsive. He slipped his hands into his pockets and looked manlier than ever. Black pants, blue, navy blue; red shirts, black, yellow; they shiver deliriously among the green leaves. He raised his arm above the head.

I must be a disappointment for her, a really big oswaldo reynoso los inocentes. One by one the eeynoso left. You’ll play with me, with me, and whoever loses is going to masturbate, right here. The dead would get together in the winter time to not feel the cold.

They offer you heaven and earth. I blame my face for this. They face each other, calculating.

Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

He chewed his nails. As I got back, I saw them at the door of my house. You reynoxo all the money I give you. He tries to explain the reason for the anger oswaldo reynoso los inocentes drives Blush. Angel Face is just lying on the grass, alone. Angel Lso takes the dice, spits on them and moves them as if worshiping inocnetes mysterious bloody deity. Just recently, the neighborhood gang that shoots pool planned to rob a motorcycle.

Blush, proud, shows his brown, strong chest; Angel Face, pale and skinny, feels ashamed. A pungent smell of wood, apple transports him into the arms of Gilda.

Carom, scared, thinks of Alicia when she dances; Prince, too, oswaldo reynoso los inocentes and remembers Dora and Alicia. I thought you were clean. Blush gets dirty with Yoni. Every morning my mom buys for the whole day. He knows that Blush wants to mess with him. The other evening, around five, oswalfo sent me to the bakery.

I grabbed my bike and rode at full speed, passing by the corner, but they saw me. The boys laugh and bully him. The others form a ring around them.

Los inocentes: relatos de collera – Oswaldo Reynoso – Google Books

Angel Face feels in his osaaldo a sweet, and turbulent deep moisture. In his chesthe feels a frozen pothole that hurts him.

They fight over it. I wanted to shake his oswaldo reynoso los inocentes and tell him: The opaque and terrible sun sets over the gardens. The afternoon—sweaty, slow, full of deafening and distant sounds—rises like a girl.

Or maybe there is natural sympathy, spontaneous. Agile, he grabs him by the neck with his legs.

Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

Workers, vagrants, soldiers and sailors sleep on the grass: He shouts inocentex bullies, and if the old man disapproves, he reminds him of his business, his singing: The sour and fiery underarm oswaldo reynoso los inocentes mixes violently, with the soft, damp fog of the lawn. It would have been formidable that last night: They grab him and rummage through his pockets but find no money.

He spits on both sides.

Kick the shit out of him! He likes the smell of my body, Angel Face thinks. They cross the Oswaldo reynoso los inocentes and go straight to the densest, most hidden part of the Reserva Park. They say he’s a doctor.

The two fighters take their shirts off.