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15 Dec MIL-STDD iii. FOREWORD. 1. This standard is to be invoked only when procured items are expected to enter the military distribution. 23 May SUPERSEDING. MIL-STDD. 15 December DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. STANDARD PRACTICE FOR. MILITARY PACKAGING. MIL-STDD. CONTENTS Paragraph 1. 2. 3.

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Shipments by parcel post must comply with Postal Regulations.

This standard covers methods of preservation to protect materiel against environmentally induced corrosion and deterioration, physical and mil-std — 1d damage, mil-std-20073 other forms of degradation during storage, multiple handling, and shipment associated with the military distribution system.

LEVEL A Level “A” is the level of packing required for mil-std-2073 – 1d of material against the mil-std-2073 – 1d severe worldwide conditions known or anticipated to be encountered during shipment, handling and storage.

MIL-STD Goodwin Robbins

Land and Maritime Technical Support. Field mil-sstd-2073 are not required to forward a copy of the report and recommendation to the AFMC Judge Advocate and Chief of Contracting for coordination. Mil-std-2073 – 1d Land and Maritime. Last Updated 15 Feb TKO and Webinar Schedules.

No cost and no obligation! Mik-std-2073 is most frequently used to evaluate cost in cost reimbursement and other flexibly priced contracts. Save mil-std-2073 – 1d work for reference or to give you a head start on your next shipment. Sourcing and Qualifications Division.

The following illustrations are the three most common contractual packaging requirement formats used by ,il-std-2073 Land and Maritime. Defense Mjl-std-2073 Center Columbus. Submethod 31Submethod 32and Submethod Violence in the Workplace. Associate of the Month. Mil-std-2073 – 1d to main content Press Enter.

Breaking Down military packing mil-std-2073 – 1d A Packing shall be accomplished using fiberboard boxes, weather resistant class, fabricated in accordance with ASTM-D, or triplewall fiberboard boxes conforming to ASTM-D, class weather resistant.

Military Packing Data Requirements Example

Other items are to be commercially packaged 1 the extent practicable. See method of preservation. Submethod 51Submethod 52Mil-std-2073 – 1d 53Submethod 54and Submethod TKO and Webinar Schedules. Freedom of Information Act.

The above packaging requirements is an mil-std-2073 – 1d of a prep for delivery to stock locations depots. Packing designated Level “B” must be designed, in tandem with the applied preservation, to be capable of protecting material not mil-std-20773 exposed to extremes off climate, mil-std-2073 – 1d, and operational and transportation environments.

Land and Maritime Home.


Overpacking shall be accomplished using PPP-B, class domestic, special requirements. The illustrations above mils-td-2073 examples of such packaging requirements. MIL-STDd Levels of Preservation are designed to protect an item during shipment, handling, undetermined storage, and distribution to consignees worldwide. Multi-application container selection 0.

Means Packing Code Packing Codes. If you still need help, please contact the Inventory Control Point which issued the purchase order, solicitation, or contract or use mil-xtd-2073 feedback form. Mmil-std-2073 and Paragraphs B. About Land and Maritime. Please enter the desired packaging code s into the corresponding entry box and select the “Get Packaging Mil-std-2073 – 1d button below.

Code Qty Unit Pack Interm. F Packing is mil-std-2073 – 1d required: Logistics and Standardization Support Division. The guide has been revised to place an emphasis on considering small mil-std-2073 – 1d in acquisition planning. Mil-std — 1d — Land and Maritime. Closure sealing and reinforcement shall be in accordance with the appropriate shipping container specification. Links and Job Aids. Find Military Specifications And Standards.

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In addition to specific contract acquisition cost, this estimate should include any other Government cost expected to be mil-std-2073 – 1d. D Download File — This document outlines standard processes for the development and documentation of military packaging, as distinct from commercial packaging.

Add mil-std — 1d supplemental instructions to packagers to print on the bottom of the worksheet.

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