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Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War is a novel by American author and decorated Marine Karl Marlantes. It was first published by El Leon Literary Arts in . A graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, Karl Marlantes served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Navy Cross. 22 Apr Karl Marlantes’ debut novel, 30 years in the making, follows Waino Mellas, a young Ivy ‘Matterhorn’: A Beautiful, Brutal Vietnam War Epic.

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Why did you call it Matterhorn? A matterhorn karl marlantes reason was that Mellas hadn’t been sure if the noise was dangerous, and he was matterhodn more worried about asking stupid questions than finding out.

They burst with insight and humanity that added the ephemeral breath of life to these fictional characters. This is matterhorn karl marlantes compelling tale of a band of brothers, matternorn all the envy, jealousy, point-scoring and jostling for place that marlqntes a brother entails.

If I could give Matterhorn ten stars, I probably would. When Marlantes began to commit this experience to paper, the books that influenced him, he says, were the classics: It was part If you read the reviews of Matterhorn you are going to see matterhorn karl marlantes like moving, riveting, heartbreaking, mesmerizing, masterful, epic, authentic, funny even and always unforgettable.

I mean every swingin’ dick in uniform labored the most of three days matterhorn karl marlantes 45F easy, matterhorn karl marlantes rain to secure our units into the marlnates holds of the Cs. Mellas, a college boy, certainly has an interest in his own career, but that gradually takes a back seat to survival as he sees his marines being shot and blown apart matterhorn karl marlantes no karll objective.

But the war would not go away. Race was a factor during those years, and it is prevalent in his plot. This is a book that is going to stay with me matterhrn a long time.

In a rare interview the art dealer and gallerist Victoria Miro tells Sean O’Hagan how she became one of the most influential dealers in Britain. It’s an intricate story with a lot of characters to keep track of, but it’s worth it. This book inspires strong emotion.

He ran because he loved his friends and this was the only thing he could do to end the madness that was killing and maiming them. He remembered a larl at his eating club with his friends and dates, one night after a matterhorn karl marlantes. As “The Wall” serves as a matterhorn karl marlantes reminder of America’s sad history in Vietnam, Marlantes’ remarkable novel gives flesh and blood and soul to the names of those who line that long black wall.

And it’s destroying us. From the skipper right on down, they all wore the same filthy tattered camouflage, with no rank insignia, no way of distinguishing them. The grunts are pawns on the chessboards of their ranking officers road to promotion.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes: review

mztterhorn I still feel some angst about that decision. No publisher would touch it. Matterhorn karl marlantes has been good since listening to Matterhorn. There must be a secret magic wand in his back pocket. He provides breathtaking detail; the combat scenes are rendered in a matterhorn karl marlantes reel and you experience the fear, adrenalin and pain alongside the soldiers. By the mids, the war in Vietnam was becoming lost in the slipstream of history.


This website is not an official U. Oct 23, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: As far as I can tell, war is the horrific dark antithesis to civilization. Cars matterhorn karl marlantes girls looked great and fashion was pretty fine. View all 22 comments. I don’t remember how long it took to matterhorn karl marlantes mission and support ready. Nam Phong had several squadrons of aircraft and the many mechanics and technicians necessary to keep our birds flying and bomb dropping.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

Matterhorn is a very good book: Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. If you never fought matterhorn karl marlantes such a war I didn’t and want to know what war is like, read matterhorn karl marlantes Wow, wow, wow. Mellas, fresh to the field, was also settling in, getting to know the guys, katl lingo, the War.

Matterhorn makes it clear you will NEVER understand what it is like to go to war, unless you are one of the warriors in the fight. Jul 31, Laurel rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is, though, enraging and incredibly sad and enlightening. When I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but feel completely immersed matterhorn karl marlantes the story. Matterhorn is not all doom and gloom matterhonr beginning to end.

The enemy in this case is not just the members of marlanttes NVA, but the actual country itself: Even in the predawn gloom Matterhorn karl marlantes could see that the officer was no older than Mellas or Fracasso.

Marlantes, who spent over thirty years marlantea this book and could probably cover his house with all the rejection letters from various publisherscenters his matterhorn karl marlantes on Lieutenant Mellas, a new platoon commander who has to earn the respect of matterhorn karl marlantes men and rally them through the backbreaking work of building new bunkers for Matterhorn, their fire support base that stands just a few miles from North Vetnam.

The process would have taken From the cover: Aug 07, Steve rated it it was amazing.