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The General in Chief of the Liberation Army of the South: Emiliano Zapata ( original Zapatista manifesto in nahuatl) TO THE PEOPLE OF. Lacondon Jungle December 31, TODAY WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO: MEXICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation often referred to as the Zapatistas [ sapaˈtistas], is a far-left libertarian-socialist political and militant group that controls.

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Manu Chao Manifiesto Zapatista – Sub. English | Readable

The rich dream still about extinguishing the first light. Once it took up that dialogue for peace again, forced by the pressure of international and national civil society, the government delegation once again took the opportunity to demonstrate clearly its true motivation for the peace negotiations.

Views Read Edit View history. Softly and gently we speak the words which find the unity which will embrace us in history and which will discard the abandonment which confronts and destroys one another.

The Zapatista forces took heavy casualties and retreated from the city into the surrounding jungle. A political force nanuatl members do not have any other privilege than the satisfaction of having fulfilled its commitment. In the world of the powerful there is no space for anyone but themselves and their servants.

Zapatista Manifesto in N? We also ask that international organizations and the International Red Cross watch over and regulate our battles, so that our efforts are carried out while still protecting our civilian population. They don’t care that we have nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a roof over nauhatl heads: On January 1 ofafter breaking the military blockade with which thebad government pretended to submerge us in surrender and isolation, we called upon the different citizen forces to construct a manifieesto opposition front which would unite those democratic voices which exist against the State-Party System: Our fight is for knowledge, and the bad government distributes ignorance and disdain.

A local organization called the People’s Front in Defense of the Land FPDTwhich adheres to the Sixth Declaration, called in support from other regional and national adherent organizations. Our fight is for liberty of thought and walk, and the bad government builds jails and graves.

Initiate summary judgments against all soldiers of the Mexican Federal Army and the political police who have received training or have been paid by foreigners, accused of being traitors to our country, and against all those who have repressed and treated badly the civilian population, and robbed, or stolen from, or attempted crimes against the good of the people.

Nahuattl fight is for respect for our right to sovereignty and self-government, and the bad government imposes laws of the few on the many. In this meeting, Subcomandante Marcos requested official adherence of the organizations to the Sixth Declaration, and detailed a six-month tour of the Zapatistas through all 31 Mexican states to occur concurrently with the electoral campaign starting January The Zapatistas describe themselves as a decentralized organization.


It also expresses the movement’s sympathy to the international alter-globalization movement and offers to provide material aid to those in CubaBoliviaEcuadorand elsewhere, with whom they make common cause. Zapatista communities continue to practice horizontal autonomy and mutual aid by building and maintaining their own health, education, and sustainable agro-ecological systems, promoting equitable gender relations via Women’s Revolutionary Law, and building international nhauatl through humble outreach and non-imposing political communication.

Nuestra lucha es por la justicia y el mal gobierno se llena de criminales y asesinos. III Brothers and Sisters:: A new political force based in the EZLN. It began and ended as a kind of written description of an imaginary low-budget Zapatista video, with the rest being Marcos’ comments on political events of the year and zapatisa EZLN’s current stance and development.

Long live the word. We use black and red in our uniform as a symbol of our working people on strike. The people have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government. Never before in the history of the world or the nation had a peaceful civil society dialogued with a clandestine and armed group. Beforehand, we reject mabifiesto effort to disgrace our just cause by accusing us of being drug traffickers, drug guerrillas, thieves or other names that might by used by our enemies.

They had also seized an important arsenal, the PGR stated. Those contained in the First Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and added throughout the past two years of insurgency.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Marcos’s response was immediate, sending the then Secretary of Interior, Lic. The massive participation of international civil society called attention to the necessity to construct those spaces where the different aspirations for democratic change could find expression even among the different countries.

Our struggle follows the Constitution, which is held high by its call for justice and equality. From the First Declaration from the Lacandon Jungle, the Zapatistas presented to the people of Mexico, the government, and the world their Revolutionary Laws on January 1,