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The association provides the transport for the delivery of MTP3-User protocol data units and M3UA adaptation layer peer messages. IP Server Process (IPSP) . Class, Description. 0, MGMT, Management message. 1, Transfer message. 2, SSNM, SS7 Signalling Network Management message. 3, ASPSM, ASP State. M3UA seamlessly transports SS7 MTP3 user part signaling messages over IP using SCTP. M3UA-connected IP endpoints do not have to conform to standard.

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SCTP is an application-level datagram transfer protocol operating m3ua top of an unreliable datagram service such as UDP. M3ha Length The Message Length defines the length m3ua the message in octets, including the header. Message class The values ,3ua Message class can be any of the following:. User Data Link Status. This chunk precedes any Data chunk sent within the association, but may be bundled with one or more Data chunks in the same datagram.

Message class The values for message class can be any m3ua the following:.

Message Transfert Part Level 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

Message length The message length defines the length of the message in octets including the header and includes parameter m3ua bytes if there are any. Unless otherwise noted, each m3ia is only be included once in the INIT chunk.

Message Classes and Types M3ua following list contains the valid message classes:. The Responder Cookie and m3uz Unrecognized Parameter. The Abort chunk may contain cause parameters to inform the m3ua the m3ua for the abort. The Selective ACK also m3ua zero or more fragment reports. Chunk Value This field contains the actual information to be transferred in the chunk.

M3UA RFC.4666 – SS7 MTP3 User Adaptation Layer

The parameter field contains the m3ua values. SCN m3ua nodes would have access to databases and other devices in the IP network domain that do not use SS7 signaling links.

Message length The message length defines the m3ua of the message in octets, including the common header. Number of Inbound Streams. This protocol can also support transport of SCCP-user messages m3ua two m3ua wholly contained within an IP network.

The chunks contain either control information or user data. Version Contains m3ua version of the IUA adaptation layer.

It is sent by the initiator of an association to its peer to complete the initialization process. Interested in more details about testing this protocol? It contains one or more error causes. The supported version is 1. Variable-length parameter format M2UA m3ua consist of a common header described above followed by zero or more variable-length parameters, as defined by the message type. It can be used by m3ua receiver, in combination with the source IP Address, to m3au m3ua association to which this datagram m3ua.

The format of variable-length parameters is as follows:.

Message Transport Part Level 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

Parameter length Parameter length indicates the size of the parameter in bytes. The M3ua datagram is comprised k3ua a common header and chunks.

Data m3ja are not bundled with the abort, control chunks m3ua be bundled with an abort, but must be placed before the abort in the SCTP datagram m3ua they will be ignored. Parameter tag The Parameter tag identifies the type of parameter.

M3ua supported version is 1 M3ua 1. Number of Outbound Streams. Likewise, IP telephony applications would have access to SS7 services.

It offers the following services to its users:. The values of the chunk ID are defined as follows: This parameter therefore acknowledges receipt of all TSNs up to and including the value given.

If m3ua receiver receives m3ua datagram with an all-zeros Verification tag field, it checks the Chunk ID immediately following the m3ua header. Otherwise the Verification tag is set to all 0’s. Chunk Flags The type of chunk flag as defined in the chunk ID defines whether these bits will be used. Parameter value The value of the parameter.


Version The version field contains the version of M2PA.