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Leporinus frederici (Bloch, ) Leporinus friderici friderici (Bloch, ) Salmo friderici Bloch, BioLib link: Leporinus friderici · FishBase. Dorsal soft rays (total): 12; Anal soft rays: Scales in lateral line 35 + circumpeduncular 16; profile over orbits flat; teeth in the upper jaw 4 + 4, the cutting. Leporinus friderici (Bloch, ) (Characiformes, Anostomidae) is a freshwater fish commonly called “piava” or “piau-três-pintas” widely.

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Many dams around the world have attenuated the seasonal and interannual streamflow variability of rivers, thereby causing biotic homogenization. Thus, parasites can have a colonizing ability independent of the vagility of the fish host, a fact lepkrinus increases similarity among communities.

Oliver and Boyd, p. Two new species of Leporinus Agassiz, Characiformes: This page was last edited on 23 Marchat Trans Am Fish Soc Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 1: Oliver and Boydp.

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Phylogenetic signal in module composition and species connectivity in compartmentalized host-parasite networks. Anostomidae from the rio Tocantins, Brazil. The present study did not find any significant differences in parasite communities among populations of L. Statistical analyses were performed at community level i. The Jurumirim dam was built in the late s and is the first of 11 cascading dams along the main course of the Paranapanema River Nogueira et al.

The breeding season established for L. Influence of an impoundment on benthic macroinvertebrate habitat utilization.

The food is crushed by four strong teeth on each half-jaw. Acta Limnol Bras Journal of Fish Biology, 83 5: Medium, minimum population doubling time 1. Similarity within component communities of host populations exhibited qualitative and quantitative homogeneity Table III. For this purpose, more reservoirs have been built in recent years, raising concern over biological conservation.

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To date, most efforts to quantify faunal homogenization in freshwater ecosystems has focused on fish assemblages. Collections were made monthly from November through Octoberand trimonthly from March through December However, how can dams affect the parasitic fauna of these fish?

Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Distinct pairs breed on densely grown weedy places Ref. In addition, these impacts on landscape structure change the natural disturbance regime of friderivi river and, are usually described as one of the major reasons for freshwater biotic homogenization Mckinney On defining and quantifying biotic homogenization.

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Therefore, the levels of parasitism observed among populations of L. Anostomidaefrom the Orinoco Basin, Venezuela. More than just controlling river flow, damning a river simplifies the freshwater ecosystems and leads to conditions which change the parasite dynamic.

The worldwide demand for water and power generation has dramatically increased the risks for freshwater ecosystems. Studies have also found that the rivers are resilient and their fish assemblages react quickly after dam removal Hitt et al. However, the present study did not find any distinct differences in parasite communities among populations of L.

The EstimateS program was used to estimate parasite species richness for each host population see Colwell and Coddington This showed that there was no pattern in utilization of stored friferici by L.

Ecological and evolutionary consequences of biotic homogenization. Fish parasite communities may respond directly or indirectly to such changes, due to their intimate contact with both the host and the aquatic environment Kadlec et al. The highest values of this ratio were used as indicators of the breeding season.

This study highlighted the disappearance of the digenean Prosthenhystera obesa after the establishment of a reservoir. Mechanisms of species coexistence: How environmental stress affects the frkderici of parasites. Strategies and Tactics, Academic Press, London, p.

Retrieved from ” https: Geographical distances and the similarity among parasite communities of conspecific host population.

Endemic species are replaced by cosmopolitan species with the result that entire ecosystems come to resemble each other RahelScott Anadromous sea lampreys recolonize a marine coastal river tributary after dam removal. Views Read Edit View history. The loss of complex life-cycle parasite taxa e. Among these, Monogenea was the most diverse and firderici taxonomic group from all the sampled areas.

Trends Ecol Evol The oeporinus sites selected by the populations of L. Deviations from a 1: Unfortunately, with increasing worldwide demand for water and electricity, dam construction is inevitable and results in simplified natural landscapes, homogenizing the regional distinctiveness of natural disturbance dynamics RahelOlden et al.