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The Korg Toneworks dl Dynamic Echo is in excellent condition and perfect working order. The dl Dynamic Echo provides the kind of features and. Anyone got any experience with one of these? ?itemTitle=korgdl&itemNumber=KOR I need a. i found one NOS and the guy will let me name my price. looks interesting. the reviews are all over the place. Any users here? The predelay.

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Korg dl | The Gear Page

Very tweakable, infinite or at least very-near-infinite repeats. The hi-cut knob really makes it a versatile pedal. This is an interesting take on delay pedals. RonsonicDec 2, Korg will not help with parts for these, too old. AgitatorDec 2, Yeah, I had one. However, it seems as though the pedal robs me of volume as well as tone when I have it on.

Not every gate is going to work with this guy. The 301d is, they each serve two seperate functions each, and changing the functionality of the knobs is dependent upon using the switch that comes on the pedal the other switch, next to the bypass. The first delay is independently adjustable from the rest.

ToneWorks 301dl/Owner’s Manual

Resurrecting this because I am in the OP’s position! PolynitroDec 2, The first one just stopped working about 6 months ago or at least got unreliable – I have used it for ten years or so.

Feb 17, Takes some getting used to. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. This pedal is not capable of being edited with a Computer. Joey Levenson on SoundCloud. I would say that if you are interested, definitely try it with a power supply as opposed to a battery. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Korg Toneworks 301DL Dynamic Echo Delay Pedal

Since I play rock music, and need distortion, I can’t crank the noise gate up too much without robbing me of serious tone. Korg dl Dynamic Echo: Adjustable iorg response on delays, can emulate analog and tape delays. It basically is a digital delay. Search Media New Media.

But its a pretty cool pedal. PolynitroDec 3, Great delay sounds, presets, a bit noisy lorg never bothered me that much.

Dec 2, 7. Lasts pretty well powered on the 6AA batteries. They have a reputation of breaking. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Dec 2, 1. Couldn’t find anything with that info about it? With a little more prodding, I could be driving up to the store on my lunch break to pick that up Do you already have an account? AgitatorDec 3, Dec 3, The Villano DudeFeb 17, Help FAQs Go to top. I even still have the manual around somewhere but that would require a research project. Fantastically kodg for a pedal, this could be stretched into a rack piece and be worth the slot.

I used this on an ambient track for our new CD using a mic’d glockenspiel as the sound source. So that will 3301dl the next one I try, and if that doesn’t satisfy me, maybe I’ll break down and give this one a shot.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Adjusting it for 8th note delays is possible but fussy.