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Also, there are larger standard 9V batteries, like the P We can assume it’s a gear motor, becauses it is small and has high torque.

I d say hat one can buy that material for about 10 to 20 Dollars everywhere. My wish is that this booklet can help lift Physics out of the pit it has fallen into. We can assume the fraction of the two hours that was used to hold the motor by hand was short, because it hurs quickly when the motor does not stop as claimed.

Moreover, the efficiencies they list here: GxFlint 1 5. If a machine gives more energy output than input, the theory will be found soon enough. Items included in Digital Download Package: Also, strange things happen on the proximities of a running motor a similar motor will start running even though it has no power, but it will run slower than the first one. There are better 9V batteries9V block lithium batteries are of the same shape, but a lot more capacity than alkaline.

So, when ignoring the disinverted metaphysics nonsense, I end up with just a simple motor with a fancy name? This conundrum was perceived by Nobel Prize winner, Steven Weinberg. What is the real reason for this power peek? It is now and this is the first time I hear of this. The gear is normaly an integral part of the motor, so for the user its just a motor with high torque and running relatively slow.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. In this profound and extraordinary book, Dr. Hmmm is all I say. That anomaly is shown here link.

I also asked a question here on the possibility of milking energy out of the vacuum. But it’s not intended to omtor perpetual, just more efficient using that “energy bounce” created by shutting down the coil. Forget it, it is just a trick to get at your money. A website that explains the operating principle of the motor as arising from disinverted Aristotlean metaphysics is something else entirely.

Volker Siegel 2, 1 16 And that notor on the motor we do not know. Easy to assemble, the Keppe Motor Kit 1. A better mousetrap has people flocking, let alone a free soup one: Moyor Keppeexplores how the essential concepts of Physics, as well as biology and psychology, are completely inverted and are actually leading scientists away from understanding the nature of reality and the universe in which we live.

Show real data, energy in and energy out measured by agreed standards.

electromagnetism – Is the Keppe Motor “real”? – Physics Stack Exchange

Kwppe it is invented to gain from the prestige of physics. As written, and taking the context in mind, one could argue that the claim is deceptive. A total lack of anything in the peer review literature is a warning sign.

Now, what does the motor do? You can purchase a motor kit for USD, which consists of a coil krppe, two ring magnets, a reed switch and a toggle switch. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? It just keeps spinning with no load, except when someone tries to demonstrate or confirm that it could not be stopped by hand.

Keppe Motor – Solar Powered Water Pump Prototype – Part 1

I can not easily compare the capacitys of batteries because the useable capacity depends on the current used. The claim keeppe cite from the radio does not claim anything relevant: Then I will take it seriously. Things like apparent torque, fans that “usually require 60 or 80W” are deceptive. Maybe that’s what makes the motor more efficient since this energy is not wasted.

Georg one more reason to down grade the thing. Caused by the same thing that wireless cell phone chargers use to work? During all other times, it turns its mechanical parts, that do need some energy for turning.

There are the common 9V block alkaline bateries, but it’s not stated they used them.

What is Keppe Motor? – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

They are likely to convince the naive but not the expert. The Keppe Motor Kit 1. But without load on the gear, these losses are small. The “tests” spoken of are meaningless. In the impeccably enunciated words of Carl Sagan, ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’, mktor well, their website has a dearth of even ordinary evidence to characterise this motor. It happened like this.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Complete with easy to follow professionally illustrated illustrations, this manual also comes with the blueprints and 3D printable. I found a demonstration of a motor, and a web site.