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Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions: some of the Of Gold and Stevie Wonder’s awesome keyboard bass line on Isn’t She Lovely. Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. 9 Aug Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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Stuck in the middle with you. Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3. His first electric bass was a Precision Bass, refinished in black, with a gold-anodized pickguard and maple fretboard, nicknamed “Black Beauty”. Stuck in the middle with you Stealer’s wheel. I also loved that I got some solid musicianship and understanding of how to use theory to play and write better.

Feeling alright Gladys Knight and the Pips. Simon the Bullet James jamerson bass transcriptions. Ich verdanke ihr viel: Unsourced material may be james jamerson bass transcriptions and removed.

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Adobe Acrobat Dokument Jamerson continued performing in Detroit clubs after graduating from high school, and his increasingly solid reputation started providing him opportunities for sessions at various local recording studios. Einfach den Song abspielen lassen, warmen Basssound einstellen, und die Noten “hintupfen” On both, the bass was typically turned up full and the treble turned halfway up.

Nat King Cole Billie Holiday. Shortly after Motown moved their headquarters to Los Angeles, California inJamerson james jamerson bass transcriptions there james jamerson bass transcriptions and found occasional studio work, but his relationship with Motown officially ended in He created melodic lines that were still very tightly locked with the drum groove.

The Tymes: Wonderful! Wonderful! – Bass

Es gibt nur wenige Hits, die ein paar Takte Solobass vertragen. Bass guitardouble bass. Stand by me Ben E.

Again, thanx to you, Carol. Jamerson’s index finger even earned its own nickname: This article is about the Motown james jamerson bass transcriptions. Der Slapstyle war geboren!

That’s the par t I played The neck may have eventually warped, as many claimed it was impossible to play. Jetzt kostenlos registrieren auf transcrpitions Standing in the Shadows of Motown. Bass Soli der Siebziger.

Sie sind harmonisch bereichernd und grooven. Beat – und Rockmusik ab. Retrieved 9 September As ofit has not been found. What a beautiful world Donald Fagen. Views Read Edit View history. When he did, he jamersob Jamerson to the studio, but Jamerson was too intoxicated to stay upright, so James played jamefson classic line while lying flat on his back. Took lessons with Scott for 4 months.

James jamerson bass transcriptions New York Times. Meine eher rockigen Linien wurden nun durch Boogaloo und Soul-Jazz beeinflusst.

Jamerson Transcriptions | Fever in the Funkhouse

I would highly recommend Pro Transcriptiins Lessons for james jamerson bass transcriptions of any level, but especially those interested in developing not just the technical aspects of bass playing, but also as a musician – able to think on your feet, improvise and play with other musicians. Diese Transkription habe ich im Netz nicht gefunden. The Freak – Good times. Very clear and concise teaching style and really cares to cater uamerson his students james jamerson bass transcriptions.

Electric bass lines No. While this made it more difficult to fret, Jamerson believed it improved the quality of the tone.

Die E-Saite wird auf D heruntergestimmt, das gibt noch einmal mames fetten Grundton. His son, James Jamerson, Jr. I found he was able to teach the technical aspects of the bass across the genres I was interested in – rock, jazz, funk, while also developing my music sensibility by james jamerson bass transcriptions my understanding of melody and rhythm with the goal of improvisation.

Scott is a great teacher and has really helped me to advance my bass james jamerson bass transcriptions. For most of their career, however, the Funk Brothers went uncredited on Motown singles and albums, and their pay was considerably less than the main artists or the label received, hence that they did occasional freelance work elsewhere.

Und die Bridge ist der Oberhammer. Walker and the Allstars: This instrument was also stolen, just days before Jamerson’s death in Like Jamerson, most of the other Funk Brothers were jazz musicians who had been recruited by Gordy.

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