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IRIS &RETINAL SCANNING ABSTRACT As our society becomes more and more modernized so does our need for more sophisticated ways to identify people. Iris Scanning Seminar Report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Iris Scanning. Seminar Report ‘ BIOMETRICS – FUTURE OF IDENTITY Biometric dates back to ancient Egyptians who measured people to identify them.

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The tremendous accuracy of iris recognition allows it, in many ways, to stand apart from other biometric technologies.

The resulting template is fed to the feature matcher, which compares it against the stored template to determine whether the two templates match.

Automobile ignition and unlocking; anti-theft devices. In a recognition system, when the captured characteristic and one of the stored templates are the same, the system identifies the person with matching template. Iris scanning seminar report properties of the iris that enhance its suitability for use in high confidence identification system are those following. This paper explores the concept of Iris recognition which is one of the most popular iris scanning seminar report techniques.

Even after applying the algorithms to the iris image there are still degrees of freedom to identify the iris.


Iris recognition is very difficult to perform at a distance larger than a few meters and if the person to be identified is not cooperating by iris scanning seminar report the head still irus looking into the camera. Since the persons to be identified should be physically present at the point of identification, biometric techniques gives high security for the sensitive information stored in mainframes or to avoid fraudulent use iris scanning seminar report ATMs.

Then in two ophthalmologists, Aran Safir and Leonard Flom, patented this scannimg, and they ask John Daugman to create algorithms for iris recognition in Daugman, For an iris image these include the various visible characteristics of the iris such as contraction, Furrows, pits, rings etc. Information and Security, PP A biometric system provides automatic identification of an individual based on a unique feature or characteristic possessed by the individual.

Iris recognition is proven acanning highest accuracy in biometrics. Highly prone for changes in weather or due to infection.

Figure 1 shows a sample iris, it consists of muscles that adjust the size of the pupil. Iris scanning seminar report, there is an essential need for personal characteristics-based biometric identification due to the fact that it can provide the highest protection against impersonation.

The normalization process involves un-wrapping the iris and converting it into its polar equivalent. The exceptionally iris scanning seminar report levels of accuracy provided by iris recognition technology broadens its applicability in high risk, high-security installations. Inophthalmologist Frank Burch proposed iris pattern for personal recognition. Secure financial transaction e-commerce, banking.

It is a multi layered structure. This technology finds applications in diverse fields. This study is designed specifically to examine Seminxr Recognition, a tool for modern security, hence because of research constraints such as time which is of essence and no researcher have the sfminar of it all and finance that is usually inadequate and limited at the disposal of researcher.

Iris Scanning | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Electrical

iris scanning seminar report For an iris image these include the various visible characteristics of the iris such as contraction, Furrows, pits, rings etc. Externally visible pattern imaged from a iris scanning seminar report. Finally recommendations made in this study will serve as possible solutions to appropriate agencies in adopting Iris Recognition in curtailing crimes and impersonation.

Passwords are notorious for being weak and easily crackable due to human nature and our tendency to make passwords easy to remember or writing them down somewhere easily accessible.

Iris patterns possess a iris scanning seminar report degree of randomness. The identification process can be performed perfectly, regardless of wearing eyeglasses, most sunglasses, or soft contact lenses. For example, scanninh workers such as mechanics, food workers, or maintenance workers may present fingerprints that are difficult to read due to dryness or the presence of foreign substances, such as oil or dirt, on fingers.

In today’s information age it is not difficult to collect data about an individual and use that information to exercise control over iris scanning seminar report individual.

Iris Recognition used in Border. The pupil changes its size when light is shone into the eye.

Subjects who are blind or cataracts can also pose a challenge to iris recognition, as there is difficulty in reading the iris. In this context, data security has become an inevitable feature. This may be affected by the use of a password or iris scanning seminar report of a physical device Elgamal,

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