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V G Mehta’s – Income Tax Ready Reckoner (AY ): : Electronics . Price: FREE s. Inclusive of all taxes. income tax notes for CA final may 13 (AY ) please send me pdf of income tax ready reckoner or assessment year & 1 Apr REFERENCER. 1. Tax rates for the assessment years and Deductions and allowances under the Income-tax Act. 8.

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Winding up and dissolution of LLP— What are the conditions for CST Act to become applicable. Penalty for failure to furnish a report from an accountant as required by section 92E Assessment as a Firm [Section 1 ]—. Revkoner for Repaying loans or deposits or specified advance in contravention of provisions of section T.

General Or Allowable Deductions [Section 37]. Marginal Relief in Surcharge, if applicable. Loss under the head capital gains. Insurance Of Stock 4. Where the total income exceeds Rs. Special provisions relating to ijcome limited liability patnerships— [Inserted bythe Incime Act,w. Penalty for failure to furnish information income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 document under section A The contents of this site cannot reckonre treated or interpreted as a statement of law.

Computation of Gross Annual Value in the case of a Property which is Vacant for some time during the year. Tax treatment of Unrealised Rent which is subsequently realised. Sale of Units of equity oriented fund to Mutual Fund. Expenditure on demerger or amalgamation [Section 35DD]. Income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 assessment as a firm [Section 2 ]—. Filing Of Return Of Income.

Losses in the Speculation Business. Payment Of Tax 1. Assessment when section not complied with [Section ]—. Penalty in case of search income tax ready reckoner 2013-14. Gross Total Income 1. Penalty for recokner to collect tax at source Special provision for computation of income from royalties in case of nonresidents [Section 44DA] Tax Saving Schemes for Employees.

Penalty for underreporting and misreporting of income. Penalty for failure to pay tax in respect of winning from lottery or crossword puzzle Penalty for failure to pay tax in respect of winning from lottery or crossword puzzle. Deductions at a Glance.

Losses Under the Head ‘Capital Gains’. Expenditure on eligible projects or schemes [Section 35 AC]. Profit in Lieu of Salary Under Section 3.

Inclusion of Income of Spouse, Minor Childetc.

Income Tax on Co-operative Cocieties. E-Payment Of Direct Taxes. Penalty for failure to furnish information or furnishing inaccurate information under section Penalty in case of search.

Income tax ready reckoner for ay 13-14

Penalty for failure to collect tax at source. Compensation Received as Business Income [Section 28 ii ] 3. Computation of Gross Annual Value in the case of a Property which is Vacant for income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 time during the year 7. Tax Management with reference to —Lease or Buy Decisions 4. Failure of conditions mentioned in Section [Section 5 ]—. Computation Of Tax 1. Tax treatment of Arrears of Rent Reacy of discount on Zero Coupon Bond [Section 36 iiia ] The new and revised income tax slabs and rates applicable for the financial year FY and assessment year AY are income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 below: Withdrawal Of Exemption [ Section 47a 3 ].

Computation of Income from a Let Out Property 5. Income Tax on ‘Partnership Firms’.

Income Tax Rates / Tax Slabs (AY) : Income Tax @ Glance :

New Income Tax Slabs for AY for Resident who is of the age of 60 years or more but below the age of 80 years at income tax ready reckoner 2013-14 time during the previous year i. Income-tax rates in Rs. Computation of income when property is Self-Occupied for part of the year and Let Out for part of the year. Penalty for failure to comply with notice issued under section 1 or 2 or direction for audit under section 2A.

Sale of option in securities, where option exercised. Losses tsx to Business Allowed to be Debited.