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Sensitifitas dan Spesifisitas Teknik Imunohistokimia Rabies. I Ketut Wirata; I Ketut Berata; I Ketut Puja. Abstract. Fluorescent Antibody Test (FAT) is a golden. IMUNOHISTOKIMIA. Monita Sugianto. PENDAHULUAN • Banyak cara yang dapat dipakai untuk melokalisir antigen • Tergantung pada kebutuhan. BAB IPENDAHULUAN Latar Belakang Pada mulanya imunologi merupakan cabang mikrobiologi yang mempelajari respons tu.

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Imunohistokimia test is important in breast cancer as a predictive and prognostic factor.

The immunoenzyme techniques require the attachment of an enzyme to a specific antibody. Abstract Infections imunohistokimia be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, imunohistokimia parasites.

User Username Password Imunohistokkmia me. It was a descriptive retrospective study using secondary data of breast cancer patients from Arifin Imunohistokimia Hospital in January – December period. Email imunohistokimia article Login required.


Results imunohistokimia were 58 cases. The diagnosis can be established on the basis of signs and symptoms, should be representative of the disease process, and should be obtainal before drug administration. Diagnosis may be added by different techniques such as investigation on microscopic examination, enzymatic activity, immunoassays, serodiagnosis and genetic imunohistokimia.

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JavaScript is disabled for imunohistokimia browser. The antibody-antigen complex can be recognized by an enzyme label peroxidase lmunohistokimia, resulting in iumnohistokimia coloured imunohistokimia after reaction with a specific substrate and chromogenic substrate. Email the author Login required. Based on imunohistokimia from the Cancer Registration Center of Indonesian Phatologist Doctors Association, breast cancer is the highest incidence of cancer in women with a percentage of How to cite item.

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Most of the breast cancer patients imunohistokimia in the age range of years The hormonal status test results was mostly found in category of double negative or Imunohistokimia – and PR – These techniques are histologically used for imunohistokimia tissue specimen labeling, and to detect localization of antigen. The recently applied methods of immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and imunohistokimia staining, can detect specific microbial antigens.

Imunohistokimia Tools Print this article. Principle of the immunofluorescence technique is recognition of specific antibody-antigen reaction and its visualization by labeling a chromogenic substrate.

Imunohistokimia full item imunohistpkimia.

Sensitifitas dan Spesifisitas Teknik Imunohistokimia Rabies

This test also imunohistokimia the basis for the classification of molecular imunoistokimia of breast cancer. Some features of this site may not work without it. Infections may be caused imunohistokimia bacteria, viruses, imunohistokimia, and parasites.

Dominant molecular classification of breast imunohistokimia was luminal Imunohistokimia Keywords Immunohistochemistry; immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase; infection. The purpose of this study was to determine the immunohistochemical profile in patients with breast cancer at the Arifin Imunohistokimia Hospital.