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9 Jan HUAWEI BTS Base Station System Description .. The BTS shown in 0 can be any of the members in the Huawei BTS product family. Huawei BTSAE – VR Product Description – Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. All rights reserved. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Know the functions and features of BTS Master.

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The space huawei bts 3012 carriers is kHz. Environment monitoring communication interface 2 It is used to connect the environment monitoring instrument EMI. Mobile Phones Tablets More Products. Antenna feeder interface RF signal 12 It is the input interface for the feeder. All the cables are accessible from the front of the cabinet.

When the active TRX is faulty, the standby TRX is automatically activated to take over, thus improving network availability and ensuring continued network operation even in the huawei bts 3012 of a BTS failure. N ormal temperature, 6 0 W, O4.

Refurbished Equipment huawei micro bts BTS3012 Cabinet Support multi band

The BTS supports installation against the wall. The simple and fast installation of bys BTS software and hardware helps to minimize the delay to install and deploy a network. It is used to connect the environment monitoring instrument EMI. It features high integration and excellent performance, thus meeting the requirements for the long-distance coverage of the GSM-R network along railways.

It is the input interface for the 0312. BTS is a macro indoor Base Station with a high output power. Transmit diversity and 4-way receive diversity Networking Capability The Huawei bts 3012 has the following benefits in terms of networking capability: N huawei bts 3012 temperature, 40 W, O4.

Solution Service Successful Stories. Empty cabinet but including the boards in the common subrack. Table lists the standard of the input power supply. Power and grounding interface. Item Width mm Depth mm Height mm Huawei bts 3012 16 A typical application scenario of the BTS is as shown in the following figure.

Installation The installation of the BTS has the following features: Located inside an equipment room, it provides wide coverage along the railway line. N ormal temperature, 6 0 W, O2. The external cables come into huawei bts 3012 BTS through the top of the cabinet.

The field installation personnel only need to position the cabinet, insert the boards, install the external cables, and download the data configuration files. N ormal temperature, 40 W, O2. This redundant coverage does not require any additional frequencies compared to single coverage, huawi improving network availability huawei bts 3012 ensuring continued network operation even huzwei the case of a BTS failure. The two BTSs use exactly the same frequencies.

Environment huawei bts 3012 communication interface. External control output port. Supports multiple topologies such as star, tree, chain, ring, and hybrid topologies.

F requency B ands. In addition, only one of the BTSs is working at any specific time. Short-term operational huawei bts 3012 refers to the working condition in which the BTS can work normally for not more than 15 days without any hardware failure.

Earthing resistance is not more than 10 ohm.