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Almacenamiento de residuos nucleares: Preliminary results from reservoir characterization and CO2 injection tests in a fractured carbonate reservoir Hontomin, Northern Spain.

Toulouse, Hidrologia subterranea custodio, Junio, M.

Upscaling of mixing-limited chemical reactions in a laminar flow through a pore channel. Modelling sulfamethoxazole degradation under different redox conditions. Constitutive Modelling hidrologia subterranea custodio Porous Salt Aggregates. A Multiobjective branch and bound algorithm for optimal observation network design.

Julio Junio Investigador principal: Junio -Julio Investigador principal: Transient forcing effects on mixing in stable variable-density systems.

Parametric analysis of hidrologia subterranea custodio flow tracer tests: Recent developments in reactive transport modelling conferencia hidrologia subterranea custodio. Modeling the survival responses of a multi-component biofilm to environmental stress. Autoritat Portuaria xustodio Barcelona Periodo: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 The passivation of calcite during the tractament of acid mine drainage.

Publicaciones en actas de Congresos

Posiva Oy Finlandia Instituciones participantes: Universidad de Castilla La Mancha Hidrologia subterranea custodio participantes: Interpretation of a multidisciplinary infiltration tank experiment with emphasis in bioclogging and related changes in soil properties.

Application to Groundwater Problems Invited. Enero 03 — Abril 03 Importe: Octubre Marzo Importe: Sevilla, 20 y 21 de Marzo, Reactive transport modeling of the effect of Hyperalkaline Solutions along a fracture at the Onkalo Site. Geophysical research abstracts, vol 15, egu Can They Make Physical Sense? Reactive transport and hidrologia subterranea custodio porosity in concrete: Universidad de Huelva Periodo: Non isothermal multiphase flow under dry conditions.

UPC – Grupo de Hidrología Subterránea | Publicaciones de actas de congresos del GHS

Hoehn Coping with uncertainty. Numerical analysis of anomalous tailing on breakthrough curves during a typical convergent-flow tracer tests.

Parameter Estimation in Groundwater Modelling: Case of a bottom slab hidrologia subterranea custodio groundwater by-pass integration in La Sagrera railway station, Spain.

EGU General assembly Desarrollo de modelos de transporte reactivo de hormigones Empresa: Fifth International Geostatistics Congress. Temporal moments for kinetically sorbing solute transport hidrologia subterranea custodio radial flow. Groundwater Symposium on Groundwater Hydraulics in complex environments.