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Description. Book: Heer Waris Shah Writer: Syed Waris Shah Publisher: Language: Punjabi To buy a hard copy please directly contact Author or Publisher. A Brief Biography of Waris Shah · Summary of Heer in English · Heer Waris Shah · The World of Waris Shah – Najam Hussain Syed · The Idea of Country in Heer. Heer is the supreme achievement not only of the poet but also of Punjabi poetry. Waris Shah is a model poet who inspired and guided generations of Punjabi.

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High Romance and Tragedy. As a bard of high order, his other achievements are his command over language and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the contemporary social scene.

This page was last edited on 29 Mayat Follies and foibles of social life are also focused upon. He borrowed the story and plot of the legend of Heer- Ranjha and structured it anew and contrary to early happy endings raised it to the level of tragedy of classic dimensions.

What surprises the reader is his range of emotions and feelings. As a man of greet wisdom, understanding and experience, Waris delves deep write analysing his characters. He did a great service as a Poet to Punjabi language which we never deny.

His minute and realistic depiction of each detail of Punjabi life and the political situation in the 18th century, remains unique and the entire poem is an album of colourful and heer waris shah poetry in punjabi pictures of life in the Punjab, of varied views but always deeply absorbing.

An overriding reason for the heer waris shah poetry in punjabi of his version of the legend of Heer and Ranjha has been his success in bringing the story closer to his vision of life and reality. The legend of Heer- Ranjha. He turns the every day language into a verse of beauty and splendour.

poetrry By using the metre Baint, Waris has opened a new way of reciting his poem. Except for Heer and Ranjha he has made everybody else a butt of ridicule and criticism. One thing, about which there is no dispute between Punjabis across the borders, heer waris shah poetry in punjabi their love, affection, regard and respect for Waris Shah.

Some have interpreted this poem from a Marxist point of view whereas others have analysed it from Freudian the angle.


Read, submit and share your daris Waris Shah Shayari. All those who wish to enjoy him, should search for him in his Heer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Waris Shah Poetry – One of the greatest poets of Punjab region in era of 17th century Waris Shah renowned for his wide contribution to Punjabi literature.

Waris Shah – Waris Shah Poems – Poem Hunter

After completing his education, Waris moved to Malka Hanspoerry village twelve kilometres north of Pakpattan. Kabir, Karachi on Apr, 18 Beautiful Kalam Heer By Wari. Many verses of Waris Shah are widely used in Punjab in a moral context, for instance: His writing clearly shows that the extent of his knowledge is wide indeed, so that whenever he chooses, and he chooses quite often, he gives astonishingly authentic wsris, for instance about astronomy, medicine, social rites, habits of men and women, clothes, kinds of horses and buffaloes, the items of the dowry etc.

Waris’s parents are said to have died when he was heer waris shah poetry in punjabi.

Retrieved 29 May Waris Shah Poetry Videos. His poetry always described true meaning of divine love that is comprise with many endeavors, miseries, observations, trials, ups and downs, obstacles and a series of strive and struggles.

Waris spent years in search of the perfect spiritual guide.

Though not much is known about his portry, historical evidence shows that Waris Shah im born in AD in a Sayyad family which enjoyed great respect and prestige in the village of Jandiala Sher Khan in the district of Sheikhupura, now in Pakistan. Waris Shah is at his best when he describes the scenes of separation, details of beauty, graces of nature, human feelings and sentiments. I especially like the melodious way of reading poetry of Waris Shah.

Popular Poetries View more. The punjwbi of Heer and Ranjha had already become a great love-legend heer waris shah poetry in punjabi a tradition of high romance and has been written by his predecessors like Damodar and Mukbal. One can say that he is the most unique poet heer waris shah poetry in punjabi produced in Punjabi literature.

Waris Shah

Waris Shah has a acknowledged himself as a disciple of Pir Makhdum of Kasur. The Heer by Waris is poeetry of poetic intensity. The immortal Heer, which has enthralled and fascinated generations of listeners and readers, is not heer waris shah poetry in punjabi a great literary achievement but also a spiritual testament. Ibad, Lahore on May, 11 Some authors also suggest that it sjah Waris Shah’s own unrequited love towards a girl named Bhag Bhari that later became the foundation of the poem.

Heer is the supreme achievement not only of the poet but also of Punjabi poetry. Waris Shah Poetry exhibits gre