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25 May I recently walked into a Twelve Step meeting and, as usual, I was I thought one of guys in the group closer to his age would go over and say. Step 1 AA Foundations of Recovery: Hazelden Classic Step Pamphlets – Kindle edition by Anonymous. Download it once Great guide to the steps. Read more. Step One: AA The Foundation of Recovery (Hazelden Classic Step Pamphlets) [ William Springborn] on Step 1: The Foundations of Recovery also provides a table that outlines the stages of addiction and recovery. Great guide to the steps.

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How did you feel then? Did you have blackouts? We are truly just trying our best. What hangover symptoms did you have? How is your communication with your family?

Was I out of hazelfen By letting a Higher Power “unjumble” —to use Bill’s term—what we’ve managed to jumble, there’s a path ahead. What special problems do you think cause you to drink? How may I practice spiritual principles, such as compassion, regardless hazelden step 1 guide how I feel?

Steps 1-3 for Newcomers

In my experience, does this message include that there is hope, we are not alone, we can stay sober, and we can recover? What did it cost me or others — purchases, income, fines? Stay in touch through his website MichaelGraubart.

What do I believe in? Try to see behaviors patterns of unmanageability – suppressing your feelings with or without alcoholsetting unrealistic expectations and goals hazelden step 1 guide yourself and others. This young man confirmed for me that it was his first meeting, and that he knew nothing about recovery.

How has this affected my life? Talk with your sponsor and other group members about how these amends might be made. Heard in hazelden step 1 guide meeting: Do I have a specific spiritual path? He told me that his girlfriend insisted that he try out the Twelve Steps, and he wasn’t thrilled about it. What fears or reservations do I have about turning my life over?

Although the doing of Step One can be painful to the thinking mind, the road to recovery begins with surrender. Or of drinking while at work?

When I feel guilty, do I put them in the position hazelden step 1 guide having to take care of me? The first half of the first step – we admitted we were powerless over alcohol – is the beginning of the AA program which we strive to perfect on a daily basis.

How may I have the faith hazelden step 1 guide courage to seek the knowledge, the will and the power to live my life in a way that brings serenity and peace of mind? What is my understanding of my own sanity and insanity? What other aspects of my life am I powerless over? A sponsor will ask you to follow their suggestions.

We must become as open minded to conviction and as hazelden step 1 guide to listen as the dying can be. The facts of your life are just that – facts. What is my attitude about sponsorship? Has my spiritual malady been overcome; have I straightened out mentally meaning the obsession of the mind that takes me to a drink? Humility hazelxen a sense of our own humanness.


Am I prepared to take an active role in the new and healthier world that I am now a part of? Who do I know who is hazelden step 1 guide well?

Are you aware that your drinking caused you to blame others for your hazelden step 1 guide Can Hazelfen become more conscious of my motives and intentions before I act? What does it mean to me to practice? Drinking or not, your entire life began to show signs of your disease.

Why was an AA member able to reach me in a way that no one else ever had? Came —we started showing up at meetings.

By going back in our own drinking histories, we could show that years before we realized it, we were out of control, that our hazelen even then was no mere habit, that it was indeed the beginning hazelden step 1 guide a fatal progression. Day times, vacations, increased drinking time Did your other activities then get in the way of hazelden step 1 guide drinking?

Give examples of how your life has been and is now unmanageable.

What are my negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes or beliefs that block my spirituality? Of course, noting can make us drink – but what hazelden step 1 guide your delusions? What is this message that is referred to in Haelden 12?