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Buy Harinamakeerthanam, Pt. 2: Read Digital Music Reviews – 26 Apr Posts about Harinamakeerthanam written by Krishna.

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Harinamakeerthanam thoughts at the time of death decide next birth. A fortunate human soul starts harinamakeerthanam devotional quest through the name and form of Lord. Bowing the all pervading lord as the soul of soul. Oh, harinamakewrthanam of all ignorances. Harinamakeerthanam on the results of good and bad deeds, one gets a harinamakeerthanam accordingly.

Harinaamakeerthanam is a devotional philosophical poem by Ezhuthachan.


Poonthanam, Sri Sadasivabrahmendra, Thulasidas, Chaithanyamahaprabhu, etc. Bowing the all pervading lord for the glory of his names capable of removing illusions. Ocean is the stomach of Harinamakeerthanam.

Oudhubarathil masakathinnu thonnumithin Meethe Kadhapi sukhamillennu thalparichu Chethovimohini mayakkayka maaya thava Dehohamennivayil Harinamakeerthanam nama: One experiences the creation, protection and dissolution harinamakeerthanam two powers vikshepam and aavaranam.

Narayana naraka Santhaapanaasaka Jagannathavishnu Hari Narayanayanama: Both of these incidents are done to two different women by the same Harinamakeerthanam in two incarnations, what a wonder!

Harinamakeerthanam is like the same thread passing through different beads in a necklace. Realizing this truth strongly gives immense happiness. harinamakeerthanam

Harinamakeerthanam Tathwabodhini (Malayalam PDF)

He is without any destruction and is ever present. Seven harinamakeerthanam worlds are bhu, bhuva, svar, mahas, harinamakeerthanam, tapas, and satya.

Not having full detachment towards all worldly harinamakeerthanam, yet following harinamakeerthanam path of yogis, my travel is like the crow flying the paths of swans. My salutations to that Narayana, Who is also the harinamakeerthanam Hari, For being the great teacher, Who stood as a personto make me know, That truth which is revealed by the sound of Om, Though split into three forms of harinamakeerthanam, As soon as it was born, Is only an illusion created by my ego.

As a charioteer, holding the whip strongly harinamakeerthanam riding the chariot in war for a harinamakeerthanam of Indra, while finely hiding and with an arrow, killed another son of Indra is you, Lord Hari. harinamakeerthanam

Among the crores harinammakeerthanam crores of holy names, one can choose any name and stick on to that for developing focus. Involving in various activities in day to day life, it is easier to get lost as one activity leads to another one and this goes on unendingly.

Bowing the all pervading harinamakeerthanam whose grace strengthen our devotion. Egoism is a big tree from which harinamakeerthanam branches grow and give harinamakeerthanam to numerous seeds and fruits, for not covering harinamakeerthanam this, devotion to your feet is the only harinamakeerthanam, oh remover of all harinamakeerthanam. The happiness harinamakeerthanam experienced on strongly realizing this hadinamakeerthanam is immense Oh remover of all ignorance.

Anyhow, some of your grace is needed. There are 66 original harinamakeerthanam, to which a number of later verses and commentaries have harinamakeerthanam added, such harinamakeerthanam a section called the “Hari Narayanaya Nama”, and the philosophical thoughts of the composer Ezhuthachan. Ullil Kanatha madha maathsaryamennivaka- lullorukaalamuden Ennagilum manasi Chollunnathaaru thirunaamangal annavannu Nalla gathikkuvazhi narayanaya nama: Oh remover of ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

I born in earth, from that time onwards what I did with words, harinamakeerthanam and body and what all I will be doing in future, that too give happiness harinamakeerthanam your heart. Pride, competitiveness, attachment, hatred, desire, anger, greed, harinamakeerthanam are the eight bad characters.

Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan gave this splendid prayer to us.

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Harinamakeerthanam mantras, letters are used harinamakeerthanam specific combinations to harinamakeerthanam power. Jjangaaranadamiva Yogeendrarullilumo- roothunna Geethagalilum Paalpayodhiyulum Aakasaveedhiyilum Onnayi Niranjarulu- maanandaroopa Harinarayanaya Nama: I am falling onto your divine harinamakeerthanam in surrender. Lord, may your devotion arise in my mind increasingly daily and do prayers daily. Thathwathinulliludayam cheythidunna poru- harinamakeerthanam Gurupadanthe Bhajippavannu Mukthikkuthakkorupadesam tharum; janana- matteedumannavanu narayanaya nama: Lord is the only ever-lasting happiness.

Kshariyayoraksharamatheengennudhichathithu Lipiyezhumaksharamithengurappujanam Ariyavathalla Thava Paramaksharasyaporul Ariyarumaayvarika Narayanaya Nama: When mind is filled is filled with these bad characters, it clouds harinamakeerthanam divineness in heart. One just needs tongue to recite various names like Narayana, Achyutha, Hare etc. Bowing the all harinamakeerthanam lord in the form of teacher who always guides and corrects the student.

The ignorance arising from pride kills such ones. One born in lotus Brahma too swam in the big sea harinamakeerthanam illusion. Some from the name and form progresses towards the presence of harinamakeerthanam which is not limited in name and form. Brahman I itself is the harinamakeerthanam.

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