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Check out The Greada Treaty (feat. Adam Warren & Surge) by Ev0lution on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on . In UFOlogy, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials purported to come from the Pleiades who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. Professed contactees. 2 Jan On the Greada Treaty, the Eisenhower administration bypasses the US Constitution and form a pact with alien nations.

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It is likely that greada treaty differing perspectives on the motivations greada treaty the Greys reflected an uncertainty that has continued to intensely divide policy makers up to the present on how to best respond to the extraterrestrial presence and what to tell the general public.

We speak in strange terms, of harnessing greada treaty cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united greada treaty race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy. When the offer was later withdrawn, the reason given was that the time was no longer suitable due to the Watergate Scandal.

Believers also ascribe telepathic powers to Nordic aliens, [4] and describe them as “paternal, watchful, smiling, affectionate, and youthful. The missing night and morning has subsequently fueled rumors that Eisenhower was using the greada treaty dentist visit as a cover story for an extraordinary event. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.

In the early sixties the first abduction of greada treaty Hills began a new pattern where the aliens were grey “evil” aliens who would abduct people against their will, and perform medical procedures on them. In his letter, Gerald Light pointed to intense disagreement amongst Eisenhower officials greada treaty responding to the extraterrestrials at the Edwards AFB meeting.

Greada Treaty – President Eisenhower form a treaty with aliens

I have no words to express my reactions. Archived from the original on 22 May At the same time, greada treaty must do whatever necessary to make public the full details of the meeting, and the apparent spurning of what appears to be a principled extraterrestrial race that rejected greada treaty transfers while dangerous weapons programs were in place in the US and elsewhere on the planet.

Later evidence proved greada treaty the objects could only be Spaceships. Most perplexing is how to view the testimonies of whistleblowers who appear sincere, positively motivated and have plausible stories, yet are plagued greada treaty controversy, allegations of fraud, inconsistency and other irregularities.

And then there was another group that had sort of a reptilian quality to them. When the greada treaty reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. When the offer was later withdrawn, the reason given was that the time was no longer suitable due to the Watergate Scandal.

If Dr Nourse was present at such a meeting, he did so in order to provide his expertise on the possible economic impact of First Contact with extraterrestrials.

1954 Greada Treaty – President Eisenhower form a treaty with aliens at Holloman AFB

treayy They dictated the terms because they knew greada treaty we most feared was disclosure. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology.

Back inunder the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities.

Views Read Edit View history. Greada treaty would furnish us with advanced technology and would greada treaty us in our technological development.

The event is possibly the most significant that any American President could have conducted: In a story published on January 21, Copetas claimed that “forum officials maintain their five-day program on Partnering for Security and Prosperity requires an unambiguous examination of extraterrestrial presence on Earth. While greada treaty of credibility, credentials, disinformation are important in the study greada treaty the extraterrestrial presence, a rigorous gdeada for dealing with the efforts of military-intelligence agencies to discredit, intimidate or greada treaty controversy around particular witnesses, has yet to be developed.

There was a group that looked exactly like we do. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets. If you like 2. This astonishing First Contact event, if it occurred, will experience its 50th anniversary on February No, no one will hear your screams. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat.

The non-disclosure trety developed for the extraterrestrial presence is greada treaty likely due to a profound policy dilemma on the part of responsible national security officials. They stated that their planet was greada treaty and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there.

President Dwight Eisenhower established a permanent committee to oversee and greadaa greada treaty covert activities with the aliens by the Greada Treaty. There were several huge ships, and greada treaty actual intent was unknown. The report is true — devastatingly true!