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8 Aug The entire Gopika Geetham is in Indira Vruttam / meter and hence Indira the Goddess of Wealth following the foot steps of the Lord came down. Gopika Geetham KP by Kalyani Padmanabhan · Read more about Gopika Geetham KP by Kalyani Padmanabhan · Subscribe to RSS – Gopika Geetham. Gopika Geetham. By Kalyani Padmanabhan. • 6 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Gopika Geetham. Listen to Gopika Geetham in full in the Spotify app.

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By this way, Gopis are teaching us Prema Bhakthi — how to tread upon and be successful in our daily life. We keep your lotus like tender feet, Oh darling, Very gopika geetham on our very hard breasts, Oh Krishna, With lot of care so that they do not pain, Oh Krishna, But you travel with those tender feet, Oh Krishna, In ggeetham over sharp thorns and stones, oh Krishna, And thinking of the pain those feet would suffer, Oh Krishna, The gopika geetham of ours who have given gopika geetham life to you, Oh Krishna, Gets rattled and worried, Oh Krishna.

The Gopikas are unable to even spend a few hours without Lord Krishna who has gone to graze their cows and lament about their fate. Your sweet ways of talking has been the attraction of the gopika geetham on hearing which even gopika geetham fopika been immensely pleased if that is so we the Gopis who have no knowledge and who are most illiterate can as well cherish like the wisest Oh Lord please grant us the sweet lips to us.

They felt sympathetic about her and together, they proceeded in search of Krishna. Tham vilokhyaagatham presttam preethyutpulla drushobhala: All along the Gopis were crying in longevity of their separation from their Lord and having gopika geetham they got up as if their life re-entered their bodies and vibrant with gopika geetham presence of their beloved they started feeling of him and fell at his feet.

You who are the friend of people of Vruja, Oh Krishna, Are gopika geetham of destroying all their sins, Oh Krishna, And also you do good to the entire universe, Oh Krishna, So give us that medicine, to cure our aching heart, Oh Krishna, To us who are in love with you, Oh Krishna.

Oh Lord, storehouse of Grace and Grandeur, accompanier of cow herds gopika geetham a Dancer on the hood of Snake, such a graceful lotus like feet are fit to be on the bosoms of our beautiful breasts as they will get geteham grace of thy gopika geetham which had been wandering all day along because gopikx which we are now put to untold suffering and heated us up.

Vanaruhananam bhibrad aavrutham, Gopika geetham darsayan muhu: The dance was a perfect tuning of rhythm, body movements and music. It is not that one night alone the Rasa was celebrated but all nights that followed. Oh Giver of Boons it is not fair.

Ashru, Kampa, Pramodham etc. When Krishna suddenly disappeared from the company of the gopis, they started searching for gopika geetham in every place.

This prayer is gopika geetham from the tenth chapter of Bhagwatha. Kitava, yoshitha ka sthyajen nishi When they were unsuccessful in their endeavor, they set down on the bank of River Gopika geetham and started chanting the glories of Krishna.

Then appeared before them Lord KrishnaWearing the yellow silk, Wearing several garlands, And with a smile in his face, Who is capable of making, The god of love yearn for his love.

Gopis encircling Radha Rani and Krishna while all their senses centred around Krishna, the final gopika geetham lasting meeting. Pranadha kaamadham padmajarchidham, Dharani mandanam dhyeyamapadhi, Charana pankajam santhamam gopika geetham they, Ramana nasthaneshu arpayadhihan. Prahasitham priya, Prema veekshanam, Viharanam cha they dhyana mangalam, Rahasi samvidho, ya hrudhi sparsa, Kuhaka, no mana kshobhayanthi he.

Gopika Geetham

Kanha gopika geetham one gopi, personal meeting. This drushya adds fuel to fire and increases the pain of thy separation. All the gopis came where Radha was hanging from the branch of the tree and heard everything from her. Krishnasya mukha lavanya sudhaam nayana bhaajanai: We thy servants are thy slaves who constantly beg you to give us your Darshan ; a glimpse of thy Lotus like face once again please!

On many occasions you were kind enough to protect us from various evils and incidents — once from poisoned water of Kalinga Madu by removing Kalinga and family from there; on another occasions from the serpent who appeared with his mouth open — thinking that it was a cave entire Gopas and the herd went in and swooned and only by gopika geetham grace they got back to life; yet another occasion from the wrath of Indra who ordered for severe downpour — unprecedented and unknown to Vraja Bhoomi and you saved entire Gokulam by lifting Govardhan Giri itself for seven days with you little finger; again from forest fire on one occasion and on many gopika geetham from the wrath of asuras who were gopika geetham attacking you — Oh Bull King of gopika geetham land how can we forget thee who was bent upon giving protection at all these hard times of ours.

To those who are afraid of this life, Oh Krishna! Pranatha dehinam, papa karshanam, Truna charanugam, sree nikethanam, Gopika geetham phanarpitham, they padaambujam, Krunu kucheshu na: Gopika GeethamNarayaneeyam Dasakam: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Gopika Geetham by Kalyani Padmanabhan on Spotify

getham Some gopis found the footprints of Krishna and begin to follow them Soon they saw another set of footprints beside the imprints of lotus-feet of Lord Krishna. Such should be the true intention and longing expected of a Sadaka or a true devotee.

After much searching, they all sat down fatigued and started gopika geetham the different pastimes they had with Krishna. He disappears temporarily from there midst and gopika geetham Himself not reachable by them. This projects the depth of Gopika geetham Thaapam suffered by Gopis when Krishna diappears and their pure Prema Bhakthi and gopika geetham highest spiritual heights attained by them. This song also brings out the Sringaara Rasam of Gopis with Krishna. It is a state of mind that a Sadaka or true devotee should aspire for it.

Vrusha mayathmaja Krishana; dwisatha bhaya. Oh Lord geetjam intend to keep your lotus feet on our hard chests so that they are taken care of and get rid of their pain and also grant us the boon to get gopika geetham of the pain of gopika geetham separation as they have all along been wandering in sun in thorns and stones and the very thought of their pain boils our brain and make us worried.

This stanza refers to a Gopi of Thamasic nature who is cursing the Lord for His deed and is openly criticizing him for the same.