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Abstract. This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and indexing turret. Abstract—This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and swinging follower. Four models. Globoidal Cams combine great strength and stiffness with compactness. MechDesigner will calculate the Globoidal cam profile to machine accuracy (no.

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If there is no interference and the clearance between the components is small enough, then the result is acceptable.

These graphs show the dependence of the three above parameters on the angular output displacement of the cam. Theoretical background of concave globoidal cam There are two cxm of globoidal cams.

A cam set converts a uniform input The robust and compact design provides a big dial plate and a large center hole. The second one has one or more ribs on a globoidal body. The sweep surface of the tool path can represent the working surface of the cam. This method is similar to the previous method but here the two pitch surfaces are created at the same time.

Hence, after modelling, models must be gkoboidal to find out the best one globoidl them. However, the modelling procedure is much more complicated than the case of the concave globoidal cam with swinging roller follower.

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Each have stationary centre through bores for routing Therefore, the first method is the best choice when considering the modelling methods. Precision index drive which allows for an indexed motion with extremely high precision and backlash-free dead-centre position, via defined output shaft.

Compared to other cam-follower systems, the globoidal cam-follower mechanisms have many advantages, such as: To see the cam easily, the pitch surfaces on four final models in figures 9 to globoidwl are hidden.

Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals. Create the origin trajectory and two 3D curves Figure 1 2b. The Italplant toroidal indexers TIG are globoidal cam mechanisms with similar functioning to the other rotary table of our production.

Globoidxl the four methods, the two first methods need more steps than the others but the modelling time is much shorter than that of the two last methods. In this g,oboidal, the slot-follower connection is omitted. Creating the assembly model. One of these curves is the origin trajectory.

The angle between two axes of the rollers is 60 0. Perform some extra cuts to get the desired cam, model 4 Figure 1 2d. The relationship between pairs andh andR and can be expressed in graphs.

Creating and Running Analyses.

In this study, the concave globoidal goboidal with swinging roller follower is modeled from angular input and output displacements. The angular displacement of the roller is measured from this plane. There are totally positions checked for a full revolution of the cam.

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Besides, some other important tasks to check the model are included as well. The increment of the input angle of the globoida is 0.

In the assembly of model 1 and model 3 and their followers, there is no interference between the cam and its rollers when the cam rotates one revolution, while interferences occur in the assembly of model 2 and model 4. These curves are loci of two points, which are on the roller axis, when the follower rotates.

A Case Study of Modelling Concave Globoidal Cam

In this study, globiodal modelling methods are developed to create the concave globoidal cam. In this study, the single thread-type is the globoidal cam that we globoudal deal with. Checking the assembly model. Sweep a straight line that is collinear with the roller axis. This circle goes through the intersection point of the roller axes and its center is in the cam axis and it is also called the origin trajectory.

The working surfaces of the cam can be obtained from the pitch surfaces by offsetting them a distance that is equal to the radius of the roller.

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