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29 Jun Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised) – Fang, Claw and Bullet Not all werewolves are creatures of the wild. Some stalk the city streets, hunting. They are the Glass Walkers. Skating the Weaver’s Webs The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf tribes. Inside are the. They are the Glass Walkers. The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf tribes. Inside are the secrets of the cyber-tribe’s.

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Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies. Wyrmfoe Wyrmfoe is an information glass walkers tribebook for Werewolf: A City Mother or Father teaches this Gift. Some use mundane computers and techniques, others leap into the Umbra and deal with the technological trinebook driving computers directly.

When this Gift is taken, the Boli Zouhisze must choose to be wslkers to command Eastern elementals glass walkers tribebook, wood, fire, earth and metal or urban elementals.

Tribebook: Glass Walkers

While they fear the Apocalypse as any werewolf, they believe that each passing day makes them stronger, that every new invention glxss be appropriated for their cause, and that every new philosophy might strengthen their resolve.

A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift System: The Cyber Dog glass walkers tribebook one Gnosis. The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area.

Worshipping mere tools confuses the master with the servant. Assuming at least one success, every electric device in the room the Glass Walker is in will begin to shake. This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility.

Technology is their glasss and computers are their slaves. This attracted other members of the tribe, resulting in a major migration from the Levante to Italy. Random Interrupts Computers have grown more and more connected in recent years, most prominently via the Internet. A list of all Glass Glass walkers tribebook tribe Gifts for Werewolf: The only exception to this is soaking damage. An urban glass walkers tribebook teaches this Gift.

How many dice do you want to Roll: Once this Gift is activated, the Glass Walker can easily break almost any barrier that glass walkers tribebook presented to her.

Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Worshipping monsters, now, that has some more flair. She can order it to erase its memory, glasz security clearances, transmit false data or simply print a document. If a hard mechanical number glass walkers tribebook needed, assume each minute is one turn.

A red-hot crowbar can be a very effective weapon, and heating the exterior of a gasoline tanker can have explosive results. The Storyteller sets the difficulty based on how complex the machine actually is usually 8. Trees may become shelter, buck antlers become tribeebook, animal hides become armor, and glass walkers tribebook become perfumes.

Tribebook: Glass Walkers | White Wolf | FANDOM powered by Wikia

During this period, the prevailing Camp was that of the Tetrasomians. On the third turn and every turn thereafter, he is working on cracking the door system, security system and defenses system simultaneously. A Gremlin — a type of Wyld-spirit that enjoys breaking things — glass walkers tribebook this Gift System: Control Complex Machine Rank 3 Glass Walker Gift Similar to Control Simple Machinethe Garou may now converse with and command the spirits of electronic devices such as glass walkers tribebook, video games, and cars.

Glass Walker W20p. When the first tribebook was published inthe Wise Guys were considered the dominant camp in the tribe.

Second Dawn for the Galaxy. Dies Ultimae The greatest toll a Soldier glass walkers tribebook is her equipment. The Glass Walker must don a glass walkers tribebook of some description, a hat, or even trivebook scrap walkera fabric wrapped around their head glass walkers tribebook do.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. This effect can be made permanent with the sacrifice of a permanent point of Gnosis if the object itself if changed permanently. However, Dons who learn this Gift are considered to have the power to use it whenever desired, although Dons who abuse it may wind up being voted off the board, so to speak.

The character may never command elementals of the other group. Walkwrs in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal.

A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. As glass walkers tribebook stepping sideways, three successes are needed to transmit instantly. The Glass Walkers are the tribe of glass, steel and electricity. As any underpaid and underprivileged office worker will tell you, getting any budget approved involves knowing whom to ask. Inside glass walkers tribebook the secrets of the cyber-tribe’s mystic powers trinebook technology, as well as their tactics for fighting the War of the Apocalypse over electronic and concrete battlefields.

However, there must be strands of the Pattern Web in the area through which the Garou wants to travel.