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This enables other persons in the room to listen in on the call. AXB Internal consultation and call transfer Operation in connection with a PBX If your telephone is connected to a telecommunications system PBXyou can transfer an external call to an internal station user. Setting volume of mobile unit tone ringing You can set the volume of the tone signals at your mobile unit.

The unassigned internal numbers are shown on the display of the mobile unit. The procedures are carried out as described elsewhere in these operating instructions. The key click is activated in the default setting.

When the connection has been cleared down, the telephone reverts automatically to its original signalling mode. These numbers can each consist of up to 8 digits. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Reference No.: AXB Operation with several base stations Example 2: Flash 80 ms or ms Dimensions base station: You cannot make internal calls during a multi-address call from the base station.

B 24 o 1B Start the procedure. B3 6 1B Start the procedure. Activated by pressing thec key. The help function is accessed. To select announcement 2, switch the operating mode to: Slide the cover for the battery compartment into the groove on the mobile unit and close the compartment. The loudspeaker is switched off. Selecting best station if priority station is not accessible If you have programmed a priority station, your mobile unit searches for this station for approximately 30 seconds when switching to the radio range of a different base station.

You are reconnected to the external subscriber. Press cQ, then If the unit is connected to a telephone circuit with dial pulsing DPyou can switch over to DTMF after setting up a connection.

siemens gigaset инструкция – Google Drive

For example, you can bar numbers beginning with 00 international calls or special-tariff numbers, e. O0 2 4B Select 1-second pause. The mobile unit is registered under the internal number entered.

The current setting is indicated on the display. Calls can still be taken. With this display you can always check which base station your mobile unit is linked to. If emergency numbers are stored, they can still be dialled even if other codes are barred.

SIEMENS GIGASET QUICKSTART Mobile phone download manual for free now – 27DF6 |

AXB The answering machine Announcements and advisory message You can record two announcements announcement 1 and announcement 2 and an advisory message. Indicates that an external connection has been set up. Calling an internal station The range warning tone can be activated status 1 or deactivated status 0, default setting.

Press I, then The messages are played back via loudspeaker and at the mobile unit. Call down the menu. Then press also key B until the display appears on the mobile unit. 10015 1 1B Start the procedure. Any barred codes entered are marked for storage.

SIEMENS GIGASET 1015 Cordless Phone Batteries

Two base stations connected to one telephone circuit via a telephone changeover giaset The following example shows a configuration in which two gigset stations are connected to one telephone circuit by way of a telephone changeover switch.

You are then requested to enter the day of the week. If you take the recall, you are reconnected to the external subscriber. Terminating a call internally Self-help in the event of a fault If problems arise, you can select the optimal station.

See below for delivery information. By changing the PIN you can prevent unauthorised persons altering important settings on your mobile unit. The inputs made up to now are saved temporarily. Press this base station key. The dialogue keys on the rightand left-hand sides can be programmed as required. The cells could suffer damage. Calls can still be taken at the gigwset mobile unit.

The number can consist of a maximum of 22 digits. A distinction is made between: After three incorrect gifaset, any further attempts are rejected. Permissible ambient conditions for operation: